Friday, January 18, 2019

Winner! times Two

We have a winner.  Two of them, in fact.  I had so many entries and really wanted to give everyone something so decided to do what I could and have a second draw.
First prize goes to: Dena@livingwaterquilts
Second prize was won by Lisa in Port Hope.
Ladies, send me an email message with your information and I will get your prizes mailed out to you.

Pattern-Next step.  If you are making a queen sized quilt as I did, you will need 60 squares of background and other fabric.  Each square is 6.5".  Draw a line diagonally across each of the background squares and then place it, right sides together, on the contrasting square.  Sew a scant 1/4" on either side of the line.  Cut on the line, press and square to 5.5.  Continue until you have 60 squares.

If you are following along and are interested in receiving the rest of the instructions, send me an your email and the information will be sent to you.
My email

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Free Pattern, Step One.

First step in the instruction for making my batik quilt that I shared last Wednesday.
With the exception of the background fabric, all pieces are cut from 1/2 yard precuts
Cut 8 different 1/2 yard lengths into 5.5 inch squares.  Put each of the squares into a pile with those cut from the same fabric.
Background fabric: 1 yard.
Cut 4 1/2 lengths into 6.5" squares for HST
Step two on Thurs.

I finished the quilt that was on my frame and have another ready to load.  I may make my goal of getting the 3 finished this week.

I hope you have been checking out the other blog hops and entering their draw contests.  They will continue until the end of the month so you have lots of chances to win something.  I will be announcing the winner of my draw at the end of this week.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Free Pattern.

My studio is organized and cleaned.  There is still some fabric to be rolled onto cardboard but everything else is finished.  I am even getting a quilt loaded onto my frame.  I am looking forward to seeing how the new rods work on the carriage.  The test drive was really smooth so hoping I can start doing some more intricate free motion.
Now for some news:  Starting next week, I am going to be giving you the steps needed to make the quilt I did for my Blog Hop post.  I will give you the fabric amounts needed at the beginning of the week and then will add cutting instructions etc.  I hope you will enjoy the pattern.  It isn't difficult but fabric choice will determine how it looks when it is finished.  I suggest that, over the weekend, you start pulling out some half metre/yard pieces of fabric that blend well together with  only one or two that provide contras.  Here is a repeat of the close up  I posted on Wednesday to give you some ideas. Take another look at the whole quilt to see how the various colours work with each other.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Snapping Cold

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my quilt top made with Island Batik's Elk Lodge fabric.  I am really looking forward to getting it quilted but it will have to wait for a bit until I get my customer's orders finished.
I am still working on my studio.  I moved one of the units that holds scraps today and put my thread in the top drawer while purging some of the fabric.  The unit that held the thread will now be for fleece and flannel.  Still lots to do but I am making progress.  I also did a bit of work on my web page.  If you would like to check it out, the link is:
It was really snapping today with the wind chill but I went for a bit of a walk in the afternoon.  I should have put booties on Heidi as we didn't get too far before she let me know her feet where cold.  I did put on one of her coats and should have taken time for the boots as well.  However, I am not sure I would have stayed out much longer anyway.
I hope you are taking time to read the blogs of the other Island Batik Ambassador's.  They are also offering some great prizes. There isn't any rule that says you cannot put your name in for everyone.  I would love to see all of you win something. (Just got back to yesterdays post and click {or copy and paste} the appropriate link.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Getaway Blog Hop

Today is the big day-my turn to write my blog hop post.Island Batik Getaway blog hop
  I had such a great time working with these wonderful Island Batik fabrics.  When I opened the package and saw the beautiful colours and patterns, I knew I wanted to do something special.  Most of our IB challenges  result in wall hangings or something even smaller but that wasn't going to do this time.  I decided on a queen sized quilt.  I was given so much fabric that I didn't worry about not having enough.  I did use one of the blenders for the  background but everything else is from the Elk Lodge line.
I wanted to use a block with a plain centre to show off the focus fabric so I chose to combine Shoofly and Grecian Square  I like the way the fabrics blend into each other and yet still hold their own.
I have been waiting for the batting and a replacement part for my long arm so wasn't able to get the top quilted.  Both arrived today so I am looking forward to getting it on the frame.  I will post more photos when it is finished.  I will be using Hobbs batting as usual (it is the only brand I use as I know I can depend on its quality) and Aurifil thread.
It was hard getting a good photo as the top was much larger than my design wall and there is too much snow to put it on the clothes line which is my normal place for the larger ones.  I have, therefore, taken a few so you can see how well the fabrics play together.

Don't forget to enter your name in the comments to be eligible for the draw.  You will win a selection of the fabrics I used in this quilt.  A reminder:  you must be a follower of this blog so sign up now.  Just click the link on the right side of this post,

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blog Hop Draw Rules

I was able to spend most of today quilting and worked on two customer tops.  Hubby was out shopping and looking for rods that would replace the runners on my long arm.  When he got home, I tried out his purchase and they worked fine.  He will cut them to the proper length tomorrow and then I can get back at quilting my tops.
This is one of my favourite photos of my siblings and I.  Every year, we would get this drift between our house and the one next door.  It was a great place to play.  I am second from the left. There are 8 years between myself and the youngest, my brother in the front.  Poor mother.  Five children in 8 years.
Tomorrow, I will be posting my blog hop post.  You will then be able to enter my draw.  I am changing my settings so that only followers can comment as you must be a follower to enter.  My draw ends on Jan 18th and the winner will receive a selection of fabric that I used in the quilt.  Other Ambassadors are also having prizes as is Island Batik (  Go to their web site for instructions on how to enter.  I will also publish the list of all the other blog posts so you can see their wonderful projects and enter their draw.
Good luck to everyone,

Monday, January 7, 2019

More Batting Hints

I've had a lot of comments in response to my post on uses of left over batting.  I will pass on the ideas from them after I share something else with you.  I recently signed up as a follower of a blog written by a woman I greatly admire.  She is a great designer and her blog is full of useful information, and free patterns.  One of her freebies is a downloadable weekly planner.  I am using mine to make a note of my quilting and writing projects for the week. Give her a look at:
Connie also a fellow Island Batik Ambassador and she will be sharing her blog hop post the day as mine.  If you haven't done so before, take a look on Wed. to see what she makes from her fabrics. 

Additional ideas for left over batting.  The first one is from Maria who shares a link for a free tutorial on joining batting pieces. - For other free tutorials from TQPM, (The Quilt Pattern Magazine) copy and paste this link. -

Farm Quilter also joins pieces and here is her method and comment as well as a suggestion for another use.

I piece my extra batting together with a large zigzag stitch and make new batting for quilts. I like dense quilting and have never been able to tell the difference between a solid piece of batting and pieced batting in a quilt. It also works quilt well instead of a Swiffer know how well everything sticks to batting!!

I am going to make a cover for my Swiffer style mop and see how it works. I like the idea of everything sticking to it as we get a lot of little bits of wood on the floor every time a new load is brought in for the stove. And, wouldn't it be a great solution for picking up pet hair.

You have 2 more day to sign up as follower of this blog and be eligible to enter my blog hop draw.

I finished organizing my quilt fabric and now have to decide what to do with the flannel.  I will fold and store somewhere but have decided where the where will be.

It is a blustery evening so a good place to be is near the wood stove.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Uses for Left Over Batting

I am continuing to plug away at getting my stash organized.  I think I will be finished tomorrow.  I am tossing a lot of bits and pieces and putting others aside to be cut into charms and other sizes.  I have enough 5" squares to do half a dozen full sized quilts and that isn't counting the batiks!
I found a bag of fat quarters that I forgot I had and they will be perfect for  a child's quilt commission.  If you use fabric that you rediscovered, does that mean you can say it was free?!  I also found a charm pack which will be great for finishing another customer quilt.  If I hadn't done the sort out, I would have been buying more fabric.  Too bad my labour isn't a tax deduction as well.
I can't remember if I mentioned that I didn't get chosen to be an Island Batik Ambassador this year or not.  This means that the January blog hop will be my last project.  I will miss being part of the group and, of course, the fabrics but I do have a lot of things to get accomplished.  I can always apply again next year.  I may have the fabrics used up by then.
A lady on one of my on line groups asked about uses for left over batting.  I suggested making mats for animal shelters but, as I was putting away some of my decorations, I was reminded of something else.  I have a number of fragile ornaments and particularly my nativity figures.  I have made small bags from batting to hold each item.  I then put all the pieces from each nativity together in a larger bag and store it with the manger if it has one.
You could also cut the batting into squares and place between your good china plates and bowls so they don't get marked by the dish above it.
Do you have other uses?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Getting Organized and Blog Hop 2019

I was working on a customer quilt today and  looking through my fabric for something to use for another border when I realized I had no idea what was on the shelves.  I have been either making quilts from Island Batik or customer provided material for so long that I had forgotten what I had in stock.  Of course, the fact that everything was just stuffed wherever it fit didn't help.  I had just read an article on line about using specially made boards for organizing fabric so decided to cut some out of a cardboard box and see how it worked.  I kept at it for most of the day and now have all my larger pieces of fabric nicely stored on the shelves.  There is still quite a bit of smaller pieces plus what has been piled in one corner of the room waiting to be used.

 My nicely organized fabric.  Each roll of at least a meter was put onto boards cut to 8 X 10, fabric pieces less than that amount were put on cardboard half that size.
 This is one of the piles that still need doing.  Some pieces may be small enough to just cut into charm squares.  Others will be given away.
The ends of the fabric were pinned to keep them intact but I am planning on making loops from narrow elastic that can be just slid over roll.  I am hoping this is the start of a new permanently organized stash.
I did something different with my nativity sets this year.  This stand held all but two of the scenes.  I like the idea of them all being in one place so think I will do this again next year.
My day for the Island Batik blog hop is coming up soon.  I am going to have a lot of fabric that is left over after making the quilt.  None is less that 2.5" square and most are 5 inches.  To be eligible for the draw, you will need to be a follower of this blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Goals

I expect, like me, most of you are starting to get back to  your regular activities.  I also expect you have promised yourself that this is the year you are (a) going to get your stash organized and keep it that way (b) finish all your unfinished projects before starting new ones (c) get fit (d) find a workable solution to end world poverty.
The last project is probably no less likely to happen than any of the others but let's not give up hope.  I believe that if my stash stays tidy for more than a few days, I have done well.  I know I won't finish all my projects but I will try and get a few more finished.  Getting fit will also be done in small steps (pardon the pun).  This month I am going to try and lose the couple of pounds I put on through the holidays.  I can't walk far but I can try and get out each day.
Some of the ladies in the Hands to Hearts group are going to start checking on each other and see how we are doing in the fitness goal.  I think it would also be helpful to have on line buddies for the first two goals.
Of course, all of the above would be easier if I limited the time I spend on the computer but I am trying to be realistic so I know that isn't going to happen.
Do you have any hints on how to achieve your goals? (I prefer the word 'goal' to 'resolution'.)
Happy New Year to you all.  My prayer for you is that no matter what you face this year you will know that you are never alone.