Thursday, February 28, 2013

Midnight Storage Ideas

I was feeling a bit discouraged yesterday because, although it seems I have been cutting and sorting fabric for months, the pile of scraps didn't seem to have diminished. After a few minutes of moping and a restorative cup of tea, I realized that it was MY room and if it never got organized that was my prerogative.  That made me feel better and I went back to work.
I have come up with another idea that I think will suit me better than putting my strips and other precuts into labeled plastic bags. One of the drawers in my cutting table isn't very deep.  I am going to put dividers in it, label them and use it for all the strips, rectangles and squares. 
Another idea came to me during the night (do you think and dream about quilting all night?).  I have  pile of paper that is almost as high as the fabric.  It contains patterns cut from magazines, my own designs that I will make or have made some day, quilting ideas printed from the computer etc. etc.  Some could go in binders but what do you do with something that is only one sheet such as printable quilt labels.  My midnight eureka was to put them in labeled file folders and the folders in one of those desk top stand alone containers.  That is my project for today.  It will be interesting to see what is in the pile. I will take a photo of both ideas when I have dome them.
Our poor Heidi.  I mentioned yesterday that I slipped while out walking and our dog shepherded me back home.  Today, I slipped again.  (Don't tell my husband.  He might start looking at nursing home ads).  There was some ice on the floor that had fallen from the wood when it was brought in.  I stepped on it, slid and landed on the same knee as yesterday.  It could have been much worse than the previous fall as my head just missed the wood box.  Heidi came dashing out and licked my hand.  She stayed with me until I was able to stand and move around.  She got a bacon treat and I got a piece of chocolate!
We keep talking about putting a rug there to catch the drips and I think it is now going to be a priority.  In the meantime, we shall drop an old quilt there as the wood is being brought in.  I hope that is the last time, for a while anyway, that I am going to test the durability of that knee.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nurse Heidi

.Are you being affected by the latest snow storm?  We aren't.  So far, anyway.  We have been getting a very light snow shower-a cross between rain and snow.  It is 2 degrees above freezing so there is a bit of melting going on as well.  Roger was going to start tapping the trees today but it is heavy going in the bush and he has to be very careful not to put any strain on the area of his incision so best to leave it until next week.
We went into the village this morning to do some odds and ends incase we do get snowed in.  I got my hair cut, picked up the mail and a few other errends.  Helped husband get in wood when we got home and then took Heidi for a walk.  I usually do that mid afternoon but as I already had outdoor clothes on, I figured I might as well do everything at once.  Yesterday, I bought a harness that I hoped would curtail the pulling when she was on the leash and I wanted to try that out as well.
It really  helped.  I am pleased as the pulling was hard on my arms and her neck.  Trying to get her to heel was a constant battle and wasn't fun for either of us.  The other reason I was especially glad today is that there is ice under the snow and I had to be careful where I walked.  If she had been pulling me as well, it would have increased the danger.  As it turned out, I didn't need her help to slip.  As we were coming back up the drive, my right foot when out and down I went on that knee.  I had let Heidi run once we got to the driveway and I was afraid she might take off if she spotted an animal so I called her back while I was still on the ground.  I wasn't sure she would obey as she isn't always the most obedient dog.  Next thing I knew, she was licking my face.  She stayed with me as I got up and kept checking as I slowly made my way up the hill and to the house.  Once inside, she got a nice piece of bacon.
There are only a couple more days to enter the draw for a free pattern.  Check out yesterdays post or the one entitled Free Draw for details.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Signs of Spring?

Some definite signs of spring today even if another snow storm is predicted for the province.  The temperatures are above freezing, the road is slushy and I saw a crow carry a small twig which, I assume, is for its nest.
One of the roads I was on when I came back from town was so slushy that it was very difficult to drive.  I had to keep my speed quite low and drive in the middle of the road much of the time.  Once I turned from that road onto another it was much better so it much have been on an angle that was catching more of the sun.
My husband and I were out last night and when we came home we had a lovely red fox run  across the road in front of us.  Shortly after that, our headlights caught the eyes of a deer that was standing mid road and staring at us.  We slowed and it bounced into the bush.
I have had a number of people enter the draw for one of my patterns.  If you would like to receive a pattern and perhaps a few other goodies, just send me a comment.  You will get an extra entry if you 'like' my Facebook page:!/pages/Ark-Angel-Creations/131756736893048
Please include your first name and location when you comment. i.e. Joan in Oregon.  Contest closes on Friday.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Draw

I have had so many nice comments regarding this blog that I thought today I should do something extra special.  Of course, my mind is a blank and I can't think of anything.  So, if you don't mind,  I will ramble a bit until my mind gets in gear.
Yesterday my husband, westiepoo Heidi and I went for a walk through the bush.  Our neighbour had gone through with his snowmachine so we had a nice trail to follow with only the occasional loss of balance.  Roger enjoys looking at all the tracks and spying out the changes in the scenery.  I like looking at things while keeping up a fairly good pace so I can get some exercise.  Heidi likes dashing around with ears flying and investigating smells.  Our differing preferences result in some interesting comments.  Husband: Look at this track (as he stops).  Me: (whizzing past) Yes, that's interesting.  Both of us:  Heidi! Sit! Wait for us.
We get a bit more co-ordinated on the snowshoes as Roger is more adept so I follow him.  Heidi, of course, continues to dash.
We are noticing some definate signs of spring.  The snow is starting to move away from the base of the trees which means the sap is moving.  We are going to start tapping the trees on Saturday.

Okay, enough rambling.  Here is the special.  Everyone who sends me a comment next week will have their name entered in a draw.  If you also 'like' my facebook page:
you will get an additional entry. 
The prize: a free pattern.  I may include a fat quarter or some charms to sweeten the pot.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I haven't welcomed the new followers of this blog for a while so I would like to do that.  I now have 75 people who have signed up and I know there are quite a lot more who read but haven't registered.
When I started writing this after our move here to the backwoods from the bustling city of Edmonton, it was with the purpose of keeping my friends up on what was happening in our lives.  It went from there to including quilting stuff which is, of course, my main filler of time. 
We obtained our little dog Heidi, a flock of chickens, added outbuildings and an addition since those early postings. I joined the village quilt group and the local Economic Development Committee which I now chair.  I also started writing for the area newspaper as well as a couple of quilt magazines.
A major development in my quilting life has been learning to applique.  Those that know me well were almost as surprised as me to find that I have become addicted to this once hated method.
In addition to the blog, I also have a web page ( and hope you check it out once in a while as I have free patterns as well as some for sale.  I am gradually adding tutorials.
You have been with me-literally, through sickness and health, death of family members, Internet problems, car problems, successes and failures.
Sometimes, I feel I have nothing to say but I do try to be consistent in my postings as I find it annoying to keep checking the ones I've followed and find that they haven't don't anything different for days on end.  So, even if I bore you, I hope you find me dependable.  If I am not able to post, it is because the hydro is down.  Any other down times, I let you know, if at all possible.
Thank you for your faithfulness and your comments.  It is encouraging to know that you are there.  Many of you are from other countries in the world.  Because of that, I do include a bit about the weather or local goings on. If you are a a recent reader, you may wish to check out previous posts for the free patterns.  I need to get them all in one place and will do so when I figure that out.
I am not sure how long I will keep doing this.  I expect I won't be stopping any time soon as I am a writer at heart and, therefore, love to communicate.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Animal Are You?

Another lovely day here in the back woods.  The sun is shining, the temperature is in the single digits Celsius-minus but still single.  My husband is starting to get more use of his left hand so I am gradually needing to do less.  I have bread rising, cookie dough in the fridge and a pot roast in the slow cooker and am now taking a break.
I am getting ready to start the next block of the Vintage Tiles applique.  I didn't have it ready for this morning so I was really fidgeting while watching the news.  I don't sit idle very well.
If you could pick an animal as a nickname, what would it be?  A lady on an on line group signs herself with a nickname and I asked her how she got it.  She said they had to chose something for another group and she decided this one best suited her.  This caused me to think about which animal I identify with.  Can't the be delicate, graceful deer or soaring, majestic eagle.  I think I most closely resemble a member of the cat family as I can be very private, not fond of crowds and tend to be restless.  My Chinese horoscope says I am a dog-loyal, friendly, outgoing and I do think I have those qualities as well.   Perhaps I am some sort of dog/cat hybrid.  I hope that isn't a hyena.  Dreadful animals.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Applique Finished.

The Country Bride Quilt

I have just finished appliquing this top.  Once I add the borders and hand quilt it, it will hang on a wall in our guest room.  I am now going to get back to the Vintage Tiles blocks of the month that I started last year.  I enjoy having an applique project to work on while watching/listening to television.
We are getting quite a bit of snow again. I had to go into the village this morning to deliver some eggs and pick up the mail and the visibility was quite bad.  I realized before going very far that I should have stayed home.  However, on I went and made it in one piece.  It was easier going back and now I am going to stay home.  I have a huge pot of chili simmering away in the slow cooker.  We are having a pot luck at church on Sunday so I made enough for that, to have for super tonight and put some in the freezer.
Have you checked out my new web page yet?  There are a number of free patterns and more are being added.  Your feedback is appreciated.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Thorns in Nature

All the medical appointments are finally finished.  I got an 'all clear' report on my check up yesterday so that was good news.  Roger has an appointment at the end of the month to get his stitches removed but he is relatively pain free.
We went out together to tend to the chickens this morning and found a horrible sight.  A weasel had got into one of the coops and killed all 6 of the hens.  The ones in the other house are all fine but my husband feels so bad at the way the others have had their lives ended.  Nature isn't always baby deer prancing through the forest and lovely sunsets!
We went into the village today to do some odds and ends and I picked up a device that would make my modem wireless so I could move it to a spot where I would get stronger reception from the tower.  Got it installed, moved it to various points around the house without any success.  Took it back to its original spot and all those little green and blue lights twinkled back to life.  So, back goes the device. Different isn't always better.
I am planning on getting back to some quilting today.  I am working on a quilt that will eventually be donated somewhere.  I am thinking that it might be nice for a child that is moving into a Habitat for Humanity home.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Please accept my appreciation for you and this virtual bouquet of roses and box of chocolates.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Medical Stuff.

My husband had his surgery today.  Of course, he didn't get in until an hour after his appointment but everything went well, I got my shopping done and we are home safely.  I've gathered the eggs, brought in the wood and cleaned the steps of snow-sort of.  I will get supper as soon as I have finished this.
He expects to have restricted movement for a bit but as his right arm is still good should be able to manage most things.

I saw this beautiful sunset Sunday evening and had to take a picture.
Hope all those who were affected are slowly getting themselves dug out of the snow.

Friday, February 8, 2013

SP's ?

Happy Friday.  I was out early taking the car in for service as the starting problem persisted.  They replaced the ignition and washed the car all without charge.  The vehicle is still under warranty but the wash is extra so that it was nice of them to include it.  Good service isn't always given anymore.
We are getting some snow in this area but nothing compared to what is predicted for south of us.  We don't have anywhere to go for a couple of days so we can stay snug in our bug rug.
I am getting some more work done on my WIP's (works in progress).  I got the binding on a lap quilt and the backing on a set of placemats.  Perhaps today, I will finish organizing my fabric cupboard as I have a tote full of material that is still waiting for its home.
Speaking of WIP, shouldn't there be a short form for work started but has been sitting around for months/years.  Perhaps, SP for stagnant project or stalled project might work.
I am enjoying another advantage of my new quilt room.  As there are windows on three sides, I can see outdoors while working on the computer. I particularly appreciate being able to look down the driveway.  We don't have a lot of company and the dog usually warms us if anyone is within a few miles but it is still nice to have the view.  This is especially true this time of year as the deer use this path of least resistance while moving from the neighbours to our place.
What a humongous difference from Edmonton when our most exciting view was the latest collision!
Blessings, and if you are in the area affected by the storm, stay safe.  A missed appointment is better than a wrecked car or worse.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nature All Around

I was supposed to go for my follow up check up today but cancelled because the car still isn't running properly and there is a snow storm predicted for the south.  We have found that the storms tend to miss the south and come to our area.  Nice to know that even snow prefers the north country!
I am re booked for next week and earlier in the day so that should be better.
I took our Heidi for a walk recently and finally was able to find a set of booties that would stay on her feet.  And, of course, she is colour co-ordinated. 
We are getting a lot more deer hanging around the house now.  They usually do start getting closer this time of year.  We have a herd of seven that are enjoying the twigs.  These two were part of the group that was just a few feet from the house.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What a Rigamarole

I am a tad fussed today.  I was told to make a follow up appointment with the opthamologist after my op but when I phoned, I was advised it should be with my optometrist.  told surgeon's office I had already paid for the follow up, she said e mail the Dr. as he is no longer with us and ask for a refund.  Did that and made an eye exam appointment for Thurs.  Got reply from the Dr. saying I needed to do the follow up with one who did op and he was sending them an e mail.  Got a call this morning asking if I could come to their office today.  No, I have to make too many arrangements and car isn't starting.  Made appointment for next week.  Asked if I should cancel opt. appointment.  She said 'hold for a moment'.  I now have an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon and have cancelled the one with the optometrist.  Good grief.
We had 6 visitors this morning.  The deer are getting closer to the house and nibbling on the branches of the small shrubs.
Don't forget to check yesterdays post for the free pattern.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free Pattern

Here  the free pattern I promised. Just go to my web site: and click on free stuff.  You will be able to download from there.  You might want to check out the other free patterns as well.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Successful Surgery

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts regarding my eye surgery.  It went well and I shouldn't have any side effects.  The surgery itself took about 3 minutes-zip, zip, you are done.  However, because of an emergency, my appointment was about 3 hours late.  There was quite a room full of people all waiting so we chatted and those from the same area made connections so the time did pass, albeit, slowly.

I have eye drops for a week and have to go back for a check up but other than that everything is finished.
Today, I am going to work on my web page.  My Internet is a bit spotty but I have learnt how to keep it going so I should be able to get a lot done.
Happy groundhog day tomorrow!