Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stolen Quilts

I can not imagine how terrible it would be to have one of my quilts stolen.  Unfortunately, it is something that is experienced all to often.  Most frequently, it occurs at a quilt show.  Despite the fact, that there are many people wandering around as well as staff who are watching for people who need help, are touching displays without wearing gloves etc. , someone walks off with a quilt.  The stolen articles aren't miniatures either.  They are full size bed quilts.
Recently, a well known designer, Nancy Rink, was targeted by thieves.  Her house was broken into and her quilts stolen.  Please help her get them back.  Click on the link below to view the stolen quilts.  You may see them on ebay or similar sites, at a garage or auction sale or know someone who received one as a gift.

Stolen Quilts 7-28-14
Should you spot any of them, please contact Nancy through her website.

I was in Huntsville today, shopping.  You can tell it is a long weekend by the licence plates.  A lot of folk from the U.S. as well as other provinces were on the road or in the parking lots.  There was a gentleman from Minnesota beside me at the gas pumps.  What a long way to drive but he would have had lovely scenery all the way.

Thinking Ahead.

This has been a busy week.  Today I had my doctor's appointment and tomorrow I go to Huntsville for shopping.  Friday I will be doing some baking and Sat. I am having an open house to show some of my quilts.  There is an art tour in our area and one of the ladies on our road makes pottery.  She is listed for the tour so I thought I would stick up a sign and get some of the drive by.  If I am successful, I will have myself included in the flyers next year.
I got my batting order this morning.  I have an account with a wholesale company and when I put in an order, I get quite a lot.  It doesn't seem to take long to go through it.  It is delivered a day after the order is placed which is great service.
We got our driveway graded .  It had been getting quite rough and was hard on my little car.  When I returned from the doctor's, I saw that hubby had gone over it with the tractor and blade.  The tractor is going to be so good to have.  I have put my order in for snowshoe trail this winter.  Thought I would mention it now before he gets busy doing unimportant things like snowplowing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiny Terror

The sky is getting quite dark so I suspect we are on the verge of  the predicted 'possible' thundershowers. I had a meeting scheduled today but it got cancelled so now I feel as though I have an unexpected holiday.  I will, of course, use it wisely and stay in the studio.  I have the binding to do on one quilt, blocks to put together for another and a couple of fabric bags that need handles. 
I gave Heidi a bath on Sunday and here she is all bundled up in her favourite blankie getting warm.  She hates being wet.  I am sure if she could tiptoe across the grass when it is damp, she would.

This hummingbird has claimed my clothesline as its own special place.  It is near the feeder and she will chase away another other creatures, be they bird or bee.  She only moves momentarily when I hang out my clothes and then is back protecting her spot. A tiny terror.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Little Mouse?

Another lovely, cool day and I am getting things done.  I made a loaf of non carb bread this morning, tidied the house, wrote my column for the Quilt Pattern Magazine, sent in an order for batting and took the dog for a walk.  My next task is the quilt in the frame. Last night I did a few more blocks of the new quilt pattern I have designed and am still pleased with it. I think I might add a touch of whimsy although I am not sure what that will be; a mouse peeking at one corner, a spray of butterflies or perhaps just something different for the border.  It is a very simple pattern so doing something a bit unusual will work.  I think.

Craftsy, the company where I sell my patterns, is having a big sale.  I have included the ad at the bottom.  Just click on the link to read about it.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Pink Ruler. Yuk.

I finally got a good nights sleep thanks to a little blue pill-sounds like a song from the 60's.
We were in Orillia for most of the day; husband visiting his mother and me at a quilter's get together. Four ladies and I met at a restaurant for lunch, a small exchange and show and tell.  We then, naturally, went to a quilt store and bought a few things that we weren't able to live without.
We all belong to the same on line group so it is nice to meet in person and get to know each other a bit better.

I had to buy another Add a Quarter ruler (CM Designs).  I lost my 1" X 6" a while ago and needed to replace it for use on a foundation pieced project.  I got the pink one this time.  I don't like pink so I thought the irritating colour would  help me see where it is easier.

A quilting friend was mentioning recently that she has been having trouble getting motivated.  I was going through the same thing for a few days.  I would do a bit of work and then go on to doing something else.  Since I started my new design though, I feel rejuvenated again.  I may get that poor quilt that has been sitting, neglected, on the frame finished tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Fowl Purchase

I didn't sleep again last night so am still not getting anything  done.  I did, mentally, design a quilt pattern while I was laying there and have tried it out in EQ so my sleeplessness did have one benefit.
It is lovely and cool today and I would really like to be finishing up the quilt in my frame.  Not a good idea though ass I am sure I would do something backwards.
Tomorrow, we are off to Orillia so I can meet with some quilting ladies and husband will visit with his mother.
He ordered more laying hens today to replace those taken by the varmints.  We don't pick them up until Sept. but I know we will need them.  We haven't been able to supply those who normally depend on us for their nice farm fresh eggs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A New Acquisition

It is been so hot today that I didn't have the energy to do much of anything.  Combine that with a restless night and I've spent much of the day just laying around.  My husband, however, has been busy doing chores and going to Huntsville to buy some fuel, a new battery and some other needed supplies for his newest acquisition.
He has been hoping to buy a tractor for quite a while but the cost had put the purchase in the 'some day' file.  Recently, he has been fixing up his motorcycle to sell in order to raise some money.  At quilt group yesterday, one of the ladies, who is selling her home, mentioned she had a tractor for sale.   The price was in our range so we went out in the evening to have a look and bought it.  Husband is pleased and I am happy for him. We will be picking it up later this week and then he will need to learn how to operate it and install the accessories.
The tractor will be used to pulling downed trees from the bush, some snow removal and, I am sure, many other things.  We won't be able to do all the snow plowing with it but should be able to move the lighter amounts which will help cut down on the cost.  We can add a blower to it later.
So, a happy day in the back woods.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Almaguin Highland's-the Better Choice.

Sorry for the missed posting yesterday.  I was busy from morn to night and didn't get a chance to share anything.
Another lady from our local quilt group and I took our turn staffing the Arts and Crafts Center in the village.  this was our first time and didn't really know what to expect.  We both took some hand work to do and we did get it done but it was busier than we thought it would be.  The store is on the street that leads to the river walk so there was quite a bit of foot traffic going by and stopping in.  Most of the people were from southern Ontario but one lady was visiting from Peru.  Her daughter lives in the same community as my brother but has a cottage near our village.  I thought that was somewhat unusual because her area, the Muskoka's, is known to be one of the great tourism areas in Ontario.  The Almaguin Highlands (my area) is, however, less busy and cheaper which is why, I imagine, she has a cottage here.
In the evening, my two quilting students came over for another lesson.  I really enjoy teaching so even though I was tired, fun and they are both great ladies. 
Today, however, I am taking it easy.  I did a bit of weed removal in the vegetable garden, minimal housework tidy up and will spend the rest of the day in my studio.
I have had a pattern accepted by the Quilt Pattern Magazine (this is the one that publishes my monthly column).  It is just a simple one but, if you subscribe to the magazine, I hope you will enjoy it.  It is a great seasonal or gift idea.
I have almost finished my first cup of tea for the day so I think I will cut the binding for my little runner and get that sewn on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recall Inconvenience

I was hoping to have a mini video for you today but my USB cord for the camera seems to have a problem.  It think there may be a loose wire as, if I hold the cord a certain way, it works.  The problem is that if I jiggle just a small bit, it all cancels.  The cord shouldn't be expensive to replace.  I hope.
Last evening, we sat outside around our new fire pit.  Husband cut a metal barrel in half and buried it part way into the ground and now we have a place to have a bit of a bonfire.  It was nice sitting watching the flames, dodging the drifting smoke and seeing the stars start to appear one by one. 
I don't find it easy sitting and doing nothing for any length of time but I know hubby enjoys it so I managed a half hour or so.  If having the fire is going to be a regular thing, I will have to find some knitting to do.
I took my car in this afternoon to get the ignition done.  This was one of those recalls that have been so frequent lately.  It is the inconvenience of it all that irks me.  Not only did I have to keep my ignition key off the ring that held  everything else (and have to worry about losing it) but it took 4 hours of my time getting the work done.  That plus the fuel to drive to the community where the car was getting serviced. And sitting waiting and waiting.
I guess I should count my blessings and be glad it wasn't worse.  Now that I am back home, I will do that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Undiscovered Almaguin

Yesterday, our local group, the Village Quilter's worked on charity projects.  Some did individual items but a number of us shared the task of assembling blocks of various sizes.  It was rather like putting together a jigsaw without benefit of a picture.  The majority of blocks were of buildings: barn, school etc. with fly geese, tree and pin wheel sections interspersed amongst them.  The choice of strips to even out the block sizes led to some interesting comments.  My view was that if you ignored good sense it was easier. 
We did get the top done before we finished for the day and, to our surprise, it looks quite good.  I will post a photo when we have it completed.  I am sure that who ever receives it will find it a fun and interesting covering.
It is raining again today so we are stuck inside.  I have finished a small table runner and just have to add the binding.  I will get that done later.  I also have to prepare the background for a block to be hand appliqued.  I want to take that with me on Thursday when I will be helping to staff our art center.
The Community and Visitor's Guide that I helped produce is now in the tourism areas.  If you are in central Ont. (Barrie to North Bay) area, keep an eye out for it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ants in the Feeder

Friday is my afternoon to myself.  Hubby is off playing euchre and I can puddle around at whatever I want.  Of course, that doesn't mean I am doing anything different than what I usually do.  I have been working at the quilt that is on the frame.  I am using a different quilting pattern and I am doing it for our local quilt group, the Burk's falls Village Quilter's, so am taking a great deal of care and time.  The top was made with batik fabrics so is very colourful.  I am using a variegated purple on the top and mid grey on the bottom to blend with the backing.  It is coming along nicely with no thread or tension issues.
I had to move the hummingbird feeder earlier as the ants were getting into it.  It is now hanging from the clothesline (had to get the laundry in first) so if any ants want to get into it, they have a long walk.
Hubby got started on sealing the roof to prevent a repeat of the roof leaks of last winter.  I have heard, variously, that it will be an easier season this time, shorter and less snow and that it will be the same as last year.  I expect it will be one or the other.  My dear one is trying to make sure we are prepared. 
I would like to get a decent battery or solar operated radio.  It is nice to be able to get weather reports when the hydro goes out as a result of a storm.
Have a great and safe weekend,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Left That to do This and Then this and Then....

We are getting our road paved.  It isn't really pavement; just gravel and tar, but it will make a difference to the families who live near the intersection.  I always feel so bad for them as their houses are close to the road and every passing vehicles sends up clouds of dust.  I drive slowly but that only lessens not eliminates the problem.
This is the second time for this surfacing.  When we first moved here, the road was paved.  Then the crews came, took that out and resurfaced with the tar combo.  It is better than only dirt or gravel but not as nice as pavement.
I just got back from taking Heidi for a nice brisk walk-going in the direction the crews weren't.  It is such a beautiful morning for getting outside and being active.  The temperature has just reached 20, the sun is shining and there aren't any flying pests.  Now that whatever I am allergic to has left, I can breathe properly again and am able to hoof it at my old pace.  It is a good workout for both the dog and I. 
I am  enjoying my first cup of tea of the day and a delicious partly cooked, sliced carrot.  Yum.  I have to micro them a bit as it hurts my jaw to crunch through them raw.
Last night, as I was rummaging through my Vintage Tiles Revisited block patterns to get the next in the series finished, I found I wasn't as far on as I thought.  Apparently, I missed # 7.  I will get that one ready to do today.  I also pulled out the first set of blocks I was hand appliquing.  I need a couple more to finish that set.  I was doing them at the same time as the chicken blocks and then stopped them to do the Tiles, stopped that to do Country Bride and now the wedding quilt.  Time to go back and start finishing up the early projects!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mrs. Fox

It is cool today so it is nice for working inside or out.  Have already taken the dog for a brisk walk, tidied the house and am trying to get up the desire to get a quilt onto the frame.  I think I need an oomph injection.
My sister left this morning.  It was a short visit but I know what it is like to try and fit everything into your schedule when you come from another country and are trying to see (and spend time with) family and friends.  I always think our family is fortunate to be able to see each other as often as we do with the majority of us in two different countries. 
We did have time for a good chat, a walk around the property and a chance to spoil our dog.  My sister looks well and very happy and, at our stage in life, that is a big thing.

Dear husband is still working on critter proofing the hen house.  The flock seem to be back laying again.  They had slowed right down because of all the trauma.  It will be nice when they can go outside again but they are going to have to stay inside the run and not be allowed to roam around the garden anymore.  I am sure Mrs. Fox is somewhere keeping an eye on the situation and hoping for another chance at being able to provide her young with a nice plump bird for supper!

Your Story

I posted this on Tues.  Not sure why it didn't load so am trying again.

I have been thinking about how fortunate some of us quilting addicts are in our choice of husbands (or wives).  Long time readers will know I am been particularly blessed with a man who has done everything from holding quilts to be photographed to building an extension on the house for my studio.
I am sure most of you have an equally understanding spouse.  What is special about yours?  How does he help/encourage you in your craft?  I would love to hear your story.
It is raining here again which is unfortunate because my sister is on her way for a visit.  She is in Canada for a bit of a holiday and to see family.  It would have been nice to go outside for a walk but spending time together is always most important.
We haven't lost any more chickens so seem to have solved that problem.
Stay dry and send me your stories.  I am looking forward to reading them,

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Cougar in the Window

Happy July 4th to our American readers.  Have a safe and happy celebration.

We awoke to find another two of our chickens had been killed.  My husband has now moved all of them into the most secure coop where they, hopefully, will be safe.  They aren't very happy about it but better that than the alternative.
We think that a young raccoon had been hiding somewhere in the other coop and that is how he was able to get these last two.  Despite what we see in some movies, nature is not at all Disneyish.  A friend was telling me they have cougar problems.  One had been spotted looking in their window.  I would sooner have the fox and raccoon.

Hubby has gone off to his euchre game and I am going to do some more work on a foundation pieced wall hanging that I have been making.  I also need to get a quilt on my frame so I can finish it.
I was looking through one of the cabinet drawers last night and found a panel that I have had for a long time.  I have been gathering up fabrics to finish it and I think I have what I need to get it done.  Maybe I will do that rather than the foundation pieced one as I usually take it to quilt group.
Do you have more than one project on the go at the same time?  I usually have a number of them.  I am currently doing a hand appliqued wall hanging, the foundation pieced one, a pieced tulips on point full sized quilt and a small neutral table runner. I think I should finish one of them before starting something new although that doesn't sound like as much fun.
Oh, well.  Nose to the grindstone or, in this case, sewing machine.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Coasting into the Weekend

This seems to be one of those days when I am just coasting.  I have done everything that was on my to do list: vegetable soup in the slow cooker, laundry put away, church flowers prepared.  I have even given one of the bathrooms a good cleaning but, here it is half past two, and I am playing computer games and drinking tea.
I need to go for a nice walk but it is raining.  I am going to take the flowers to church and set them up after I finish posting this so, perhaps after I get back, I will feel more inspired to do something.  I need to get a sleeve on the chicken applique quilt so I can hang it.  If I put it and the fabric needed on my machine, that should get me started.
I have felt as though I've got more time than projects lately.  Perhaps it is the weather or just that I do have more time.  I had been so busy helping with the production of the area's community and visitor's guide that, now it is finished, I am a bit at odds and ends with myself.
We  haven't had any more chicken problems for which we are thankful.  I think hubby will be letting them out into the pen again soon.  At least with the rain, they wouldn't want to be outside anyway.

Just in case you are also feeling a bit dreary, here is a photo from our winter past to remind you that, last year, we had snow in October.  That is only 3 months away!  Step outside in your bare feet even if it is raining and be glad you can.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Video Trial

We haven't lost any more chickens but hubby is reluctant to let them out of their house.  I think he will in a few days if he is outside near them.  Such a shame that they have to be cooped up (pardon the pun) but better than become supper for a fox.
It is a lovely 24 degrees today so I have taken our wee Heidi out for a walk twice.

I am going to try something different and upload a video I made of some of the quilts I have available for sale.  I want to put this on my Facebook page so this is a trial run.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day.  I am up way too early.  I woke about 6.30 and usually lay in bed for another half hour or so but I was too hot this morning.  I was also worried about our chickens.  The fox got another one yesterday while they were out in the run.  It figured out how to jump on top and find an opening.  Roger secured that area but has decided to keep them inside for a bit.  It is hard to know what to do to solve the problem that doesn't involve death for the fox. We are thinking that getting a larger, outdoor dog might work.
It is hard leaving at peace with your habitat. We have had to be extra vigilant with our little dog as well.

We are going to the Farmer's Market today and that will probably be the extent of our celebration.  There is cake etc. at the park but as we are on this no carb, no sugar eating plan, that is out of the question.
 This is the project I am working on now.