Thursday, August 11, 2022

Another Machine

 It almost feels like fall today as the temperature has dropped to 17c.  So much nicer for doing outdoor work.  Hubby had to remove some tree branch's that were blocking the trail through the bush and I was volunteered to help.   It was a case of two old crocks working together:  Hubby with his very painful leg and me that gets nauseous if I bend down (inner ear problem).  There weren't a lot of trees so we got it done in less than half and hour.  I think I can count that as my exercise for the day. Well, maybe not.

We had a lovely visit with a couple of long time friends yesterday.  They live in southern Ontario so, mainly, we keep in touch on line but try to get together once a year.  It is always nice when the guys like each other as well as their partner's friend.  This couple are lovely, gentle, caring people and, of course, she is a quilter so what more could you want in a friend.

We had left our little dog on her own so we had to get back sooner than I would have liked but now that Heidi is going into her 15th year, we don't like to leave her too long.

Did I mention that I got another sewing machine?  It is a gently used Janome QC 6260.  I had an older model of this one a while ago and really liked it.  There wasn't a manual and I have forgotten how to activate the decorative stitches so will go on line to get one. This one replaces the Janome that couldn't be fixed and I think I had better not get anymore for a while.  Hubby is wonderfully understanding but there are limits.

Enjoy your day.  There is always something good happening if you look for it.


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Exploding Bananas

 Have you ever had a banana explode?  I bought a large bag of past date bananas for two dollars as I wanted to make my chocolate banana loaf.  They were still in pretty good shape so I took four of the worst, pureed them and put them in a lidded container.  I normally freeze my puree but, as I was making the loaf today I just put it in the fridge.  Also, as the container was really full, I was afraid the frozen bananas would crack it.  When I took the jar from the fridge this morning, I noticed some of the puree had started running down the sides which was odd.  The lid took a bit of effort to remove and I hadn't really loosened it much when it shot off and bananas sprayed over me, the counter and the kitchen floor. Apparently, the puree had started to ferment.  Who knew.

There was still plenty left and it tasted okay so I made my loaf.  We are having company and I want to serve it to them.  I hope we don't all get tipsy!

It has cooled down quite a lot here so it will be a good day to catch up on my work.  My nephew and family are touristing in Niagara Falls but I am receiving lots of pictures and I will face chat tonight.

This photo is of our little man with our dog Heidi.  He says that Heidi is little (Granny's dog is a Alsatian) and very, very soft. (The parents only post views with his face hidden and I agree with that.  Lots of questionable people out there.)


Friday, August 5, 2022

Family Fun

It has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been very busy through the day and too tired to do much more than stare at the television until bedtime in the evening.  My nephew, wife and family arrived at their BnB late on July 24 so we didn't see them until the next day.  They had a 3 hour wait for their luggage  and got bumped from the seats they had reserved and paid for.  Flying is something you endure rather than enjoy now. I haven't been on a plane for around 10 years and have no plans to do so especially for long flights.

All that aside, we have been having a wonderful time.  We got to meet my great nephew, who immediately charmed us and has continued to impress us with his little personality and vocabulary.  How many 3 year old's knows how to say rotate and knows what it means?

We have done all the usual tourism things including Santa's Village which was expensive but worthwhile.  My niece-in-law loves Christmas so I think she may have enjoyed it even more than her son.  Of course there were line ups for everything but we were able to see and do everything on our list.

Tomorrow, we are off to see a street festival in a community near ours.  Sunday, the family moves on to Niagara Falls and then back home.  It is going to be very hard to have them leave but am thankful for the time we have had.  I know that we will see them again, probably, in a couple of years.  

I really have not done much else except some meals and basic housework.  My scrappy top is on the frame but haven't done anything on it.  Our weather has been nice; sunny not not overly warm. Great for picking the raspberries that have taken over the property.


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Prize Winner

I have been able to get more done today than in the past couple of weeks.  Hubby has been getting a lot of pain in the shin which made walking difficult.  I took over the care of the chickens and some of his indoor chores.  I didn't have a lot of time left over to do much other than my usual wifely responsibilities (not those!  I meant cleaning and cooking.).  He went to the hospital and got a scan and an x-ray and are now awaiting the results.

I hired a neighbour to come and help me catch up with the bigger cleaning jobs and she did a fantastic job.  We almost need to wear sunglasses in the bathroom.  She will come back next week and finish up.  It would be lovely to have her come on a regular basis but, unless I start selling more quilts, that won't happen.

I finished my magazine article early this month as my nephew and family are coming from England on Sunday.  I also finished the scrappy top I was working on.  I like it enough I want to do it again but set the blocks on point.  I will post when it is quilted.

The photo is of a sweater a lady in our quilt group made.  She knitted the sleeves etc. and then added to the quilted part.  I think it looks fantastic and suggested she enter it in our local fall fair.  A prize winner for sure.


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Happy! Happy!

 I am a happy camper.  I have finally got a program downloaded that will allow me to speak and have it printed as text right into my Word co.  I just finished dictating a section of a chapter and it worked perfectly.  I still have to learn to remember to say comma, new sentence etc.  Something new to learn.

We had quite a rainstorm last night but the sun is shining now.  We did need the rain as do the farmers around us.  I have found a home for one of my quilts.  We have wonderful neighbours (quite a few of them, actually) who are always there to help when we need it, looking after our dog and generally just making life easier for us.  this particular family loves cats and I have a quilt that I did some time ago and decided to give it to them.  I would much sooner give one away than have them molder away in a cupboard.

I can't find a photo right now but will share it when I do.  I am sewing the label on tonight while watching TV and will give it to them tomorrow.  Now I have room to make another quilt!


Found it!

Friday, July 8, 2022

Planning Ahead

 Another week over and tomorrow is the start of the weekend.  Our Heritage Home (museum) is having its annual community event tomorrow with lots of activities for everyone.  The big attraction is the firefighter's challenge.  Individual firemen compete against each other doing tasks like climbing a ladder and rescuing a person, replacing equipment in the truck etc.  It is a fun and interesting look into what they face when they get called to a fire.

A lot of our firefighters are volunteers which mean always being ready to go no matter if you are in the midst of a celebration, family event or meeting.  You get a call, you go.

I have had a busy day.  I did a bit of gardening; pulling weeds, moving some plants and setting out a few more lawn ornaments.  I am going to be planting some thyme ground cover.  I want it to take the place of our lawn as, once it gets established, hubby won't have to cut grass.  I keep trying to plan for when we aren't able to do some of the usual chores.  With a bit of planning, I am hoping we can stay in our home until we pass away.  That may sound gruesome to some people but after seeing how elderly friends and relatives exist in care facilities, I am going to do everything possible to avoid the same fate.

I got some more work on my charity quilt and finished a chapter of my book.  The weather has been really nice 18-21 C which makes it so much nicer to get things done.,

Have a great weekend,


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Still Searching.

 I hope everyone had a good Canada/Independence Day.  I don't expect the Canadian government of the time paid a lot of attention to the fact that our special day would be so close to the American one.  It is interesting when they happen on the same weekend.  Personally, I think it is rather nice as the two nations, although very different, always manage to get along when it is important-rather like families.

Hubby and I were invited to a neighbours for a Canada Day barbecue followed by a nice visit.  We took Heidi do as she gets along well with their cat.

I thought I had the speech to text search solved but I haven't.  None of the free programs worked well so decided to buy Dragon which is the number one recommended program.  They had a set up for under 100 dollars.  However, when I went to buy it, I found that it was no longer available.  All the others are anywhere from over two hundred to 600 hundred plus.  Too expensive for me.

If anyone has a program they use, I would love to have your recommendation.  As I have said previously, I want to be able to dictate my book onto Microsoft Word. In the meantime, back to Google search.