Friday, August 17, 2018

Gardening Fancy

I have a friend who is my garden inspiration.  Deb seems to have a knack for taking something ungardeny and turning it into a delightful eye catcher.  I have been trying to see things in a new light as well.  I have done the usual this year: put out my gnomes and planted flowers but I added a twist.  The gnomes were placed amongst our rock feature (huge moss covered boulders piled willy nilly in the back yard ) and flowers both real and artificial tucked around them.  I like the look.  It would be improved with a water fall but I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.
I have mentioned before that we collect gnomes. We have enough that  they are starting to spread to other areas of the yard.  I found this wall hanger in a garage sale and bought it for the grand sum of $2.00.  There are shelves on the right side but I preferred the back.  Add a basket of flowers and a gnome with a watering can and voila! another bit of gardening fancy.
Have a great weekend.  If you are in one of the forest fire areas, I pray that we will soon get a good soaking rain.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We Have Babies

The babies are born-three of them anyway.  The lady who owns the chicken that is the surrogate parent to our hens eggs (that sounds really confusing) called today to let us know half the eggs have hatched.  We are so excited.  She also mentioned that another of her hen's also seems to be going broody.  This often happens.  If one does, the others join in.  This is a new adventure for both us and our friends so we will see where it goes.  In the meantime, the bantam that we bought purposely for this purpose is still bouncing around inside its coop!
I got the top finished and off the frame today so now will get the binding on.  I also have to start working on my fall fair entries.  The fair is on the Labor Day weekend so I have a bit of time.  Most of the entries are quilts and they are already done so it is just a few other odds and ends.  I usually don't get at it until the week of so I am in good time this year.
We will be visiting our new addition on Sunday and if it doesn't bother the mother, I will take a photo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Winner and Retailer List

We have a winner.  Delaine (I hope I am remembering the spelling)  will receive a Fat Quarter of Island Batik fabric and a few other odds and ends.
Congratulations Delaine and thank you everyone for your comments.
I love being able to share this lovely fabrics.  If you didn't win, here is the list of Canadian retailers that you can leave around the house so everyone will know where to go to buy you a special something.

 Thimbles'n Things,Severn, Ontario 705-326-9357   
  Wilton Creek Fabrics, Harrowsmith, Ontario 613-372-1972 
  BiB'n Tucker, Victoria,B.C.  250-386-6512     
   Katja's, Kamloops. B.C. 250-851-0324       
 Poppin's  , Penticton, B.C.  250-493-1815            
 Gala Fabrics, Victoria, B.C.  250-384-1312      
Along Came  Quilting, Calgary, Alberta  403-253-4419  
Yvonnes, St. Paul, Alberta  780-645-5580 (in September) 
 C.G. Enterprises, Nipawin, Sask  (November)

For those who live in the USA, you can get a complete list from

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Patriotic Gnome

Have I said before that it is really hot here?!  It is hard not to complain but I really don't like it.

Anyway, positive thinking.  We have air conditioning, a nice home, food to eat etc.  I was also able to finish a couple of tops today.  One needed the borders added and the other, binding.  These are charity quilts from our LQG
Today is the last day to enter my draw but you still have the rest of the month to try your luck with the remaining blogs as well as Island Batik itself.
The downside of leaving my comment page open so anyone can reply is that I always get at least one spammer.  So annoying.
This patriotic gnome road up to the deck today.  Just passing through, he said but we persuaded him to stop and visit with the other gnomes.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Going to a Quilt Show with Hubby.

Comment:  Yes, Sheila ( tension issues seem to be one of the common quilting problems.  Thank you for the comment. (Check out Sheila' blog).

Today was an important in the Backwoods Quilter household.  Our little dog, Heidi, turned 10 years old.  It hardly seems possible that that much time has passed since we brought our white ball of fluff home.  She has been a great source of joy and delight.  Her special day was celebrated with an extra bit of liver.
I've almost finished the top I have been quilting.  The pattern I am using is a new one to me and it goes very quickly.  These photos don't give you  a really good  idea of what I am doing.  I will take a photo of the back when I am finished

Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to a quilt show and then to visit a friend who lives in the same area.  On the way back, we will stop at a festival that is being held in another village.  It will be a busy day but fun.  Hubby likes going to quilt shows.  I am a lucky quilter.
If you haven't entered my draw yet, you have until the 15th.  Details in the Aug. 7th blog.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tension Troubles

Thank you to all those who are entering my blog contest.  I wish I could afford to give everyone a prize.  I do hope you are also reading and entering the other Ambassador's blog giveaways.  For my American readers, the majority of Ambassador's are in the U.S. so you will also have a chance at winning fabric.
It has been a nice temperature here today and I was even able to get some baking done.  I have loaded a large quilt onto my frame and started the quilting.  I spent quite a while getting the tension set and couldn't figure out why there was a problem.  The thread for both top and bobbin was very close to what I had used in the last quilt and everything worked well there.
The difficulty was solved when I noticed the thread had been caught on one of the bobbin winder pieces.  Argh.
I did get quite a bit done before it was time for supper and now hubby is waiting for me to watch a TV show with him so I guess that is it for today.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Blog Hop Post and Give Away

Island Batik  Rocks
  One of the wonderful things about living in the country is you have so much 'outdoors'.  In an urban area, your outdoors can be as small as a balcony.  Hubby and I are fortunate enough to count our outdoors in acres.  It is filled with wild flowers, a large variety of happy animals and birds as well as our own little cultured (barely) area.
Throughout history, humans have turned land into places where they can live.  Gardens range from a few potted plants to vast estates of walkways, topiary, water features, hedges and a myriad of shrubs and flowers. The challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors for this month is the great outdoors and  it was these ordered gardens that gave me my inspiration for my Great Outdoors quilt. My fabric is called Birds and Bees and it is covered with those creatures in many colours as you will see from the display below.
  I love, love the great Outdoors fabric line  and wanted to use as much of it as possible. I also wanted keep the pattern simple so the material was the star and not the design. Formal Gardens is the result.
  It was designed to look like those very ordered, everything in its own place so popular during Elizabethan times. This is so far from what my garden looks like that it made a nice (almost humorous) contrast in my mind.

 This is my fabric.

 The basic block.
 And the quilt.  The outside border is more yellow than white although the colour doesn't show up that way.

And now for the draw.  If you would like to win this fat quarter (and a few other bits and pieces) of Birds and Bees, leave me a comment on my Facebook page or blog.  Tell me why you like this fabric and don't forget to check out the other blogs and enter to win their draws.  I am sorry but this prize is only open to Canadian addresses due to the cost of postage.  If you live in another country, I will have a separate draw for a downloadable pattern.
Click on the Island Batik link above to enter their prize.  Links to the other bloggers is below.  Good luck

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