Friday, September 24, 2021

Sad Event

 It has been a very busy week and, on top of the appointments, our hydro was out twice.  We had our newly renovated generator delivered today and hubby is building a stand with wheels for it so we can get it into place easily.  I have never wanted a generator previously but find that, as I get older, I am getting less tolerant of coping with no running water and worrying about everything in the freezer's going bad.

We are continuing to get rain every day although it did stop long enough today for Heidi and I to go for a bit of a walk through the bush.  I decided to take a different path today and it was interesting watching Heidi pick the route.  As she is so little, the path she picks is always easy for me to use as well but just to make sure I am okay, she pauses periodically to look back at me.  It is almost as though she is saying 'is this path okay for you?'

The grandchildren had a sad event today.  The family had a mixed breed dog named Brandy who was  much loved,  She had been diagnosed with cancer earlier and today had to be put to sleep.  Devastating for the children but hard for the adults as well.  A lot of people on Facebook knew Brandy as her exploits were often shared by one of her owners.  She will be greatly missed.

I didn't get much quilting done this week but did spend a bit of time today working on the blocks I started the previous week.  I promised this lap quilt to someone for the winter and it is getting cool enough now that I better get at it.

Happy autumn,


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Quilting Home Coming

 We had a great turn out for our first quilting session after shut down.  A couple of ladies didn't make it because of pre commitments but everyone else was there.  We were able to maintain the proper distance from each other and ate our lunch at our tables.  One of the ladies brought two of the tops she had completed for a show and tell.  Another had started a new craft-she always has amazing things to share.  She is also working on a hexi quilt so we are able to pass our scraps on to her.

It was just so wonderful to be together, to quilt, chat and share.  One lady said it was like coming home again.  Next week, we will need to show our proof of vaccine but as all of us have had both that won't be a problem.  (Judy, sorry to read that your group got shut down again.)

If you are Canadian you will know we have the most useless election imaginable.  Millions of dollars spent to achieve the same result as pre election.  The money could have been used for so much good.

My cranberry crabapple jelly turned out well but quite sweet.  I still have another bushel of apples so will make some more but reduce the sugar quite a bit.  I don't like sweet.

We are supposed to get a heave rainfall tomorrow.  I am glad we are on a hill.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

Apple Bounty

We had a tornado warning Tuesday night so I spent a lot of time looking out the window and checking the clouds.  We can't see a lot of the sky because of all the trees but I figured that as long I could see some of it we would get a warning if everything went really dark.  Fortunately, we just got a nasty lightning and heavy rain storm.  The hydro didn't even go out.
The rest of the week has been great and tomorrow we are going out on a friends pontoon boat.  It is supposed to be in the high twenties so it should be a nice day.
I finished cleaning the studio today.  I got rid of a lot of bits and pieces that I wasn't ever going to use and put them in a bag for a friend who loves odd bits of scraps.  This is the stack of nine inch squares that I have ready to use.  There are over 30 so that should make a nice sized quilt.

This pile of 2.5 inch strips have been set aside to teach my granddaughter how to do a jelly roll quilt so she will have something to take home after her holiday here.
After I had everything done, I took a last look at the totes piled against one wall and saw one I didn't recognize.  It was full of scraps!  I couldn't face doing anymore sorting so it can wait until later.  Saturday I am going to be making crabapple jelly and pickled crabapples from the bounty my sister-in-law brought.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Sorting Done

 Last week seemed to be power outage time.  In addition to earlier in the week, it was out again on Friday.  And our generator didn't work.  We have never used one before but I was getting a bit tired of candles and battery operated lights and radios so hubby got one ready for use.  Of course, it started up without problem every time it was tested and then didn't on Friday.

I have completed the reorganizing of all my fabric as well as cutting scraps.  I have three totes with non quilting fabric that needs to be checked but they can wait.  I also need to have a list of the finished quilts that are in the chest as well as find a home for all the batting.  My backing is all on hangers and stored in the guest room closet.  It makes it so much easier to see what I have as well as keeping it crease free.

I haven't counted the nine inch squares that I cut from the scraps yet.  I am probably going to need more as the quilt top I have planned will take at least 20.  I am looking forward to working on this when our quilt group gets back together a week today. So looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Getting Motivated

 I don't seem to be able to get myself motivated today.  I have done a bit more fabric sorting and cutting scraps into useful sizes but am really not into it.  I would much rather just lay down and sleep. Nothing is stopping me from doing that but I don't think it is a good idea to waste a whole day. Perhaps I need to set myself a goal.  Do ten more fabrics and then see how I feel.

I wrote that this morning and took my own advice.  After I did the 10 fabrics, I kept going and did get quite a bit done before stopping and taking the dog for a walk.  I am cutting a lot of nine inch squares as that seems the be the largest size I can get from the majority of scraps.  I am going to use them  for a pattern called Chop and Sew.  It is an old one designed by From the Nest Designs.  They don't seem to be in business anymore as I tried to find the link to share with you.

This is a great pattern to use up odd bits and pieces to make charity quilts.  The pattern calls for 15 inch squares but, as I said, my scraps aren't that large.  I will just do 20 squares instead of 12. I made it once before quite a few years ago.  A photo is at the end of this post.

Hubby and I have been watching the Blue Jay baseball games and are pleased with how our favourite team is doing.  It would be great to see them get the pennant this year.


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Flip Side

Our hydro is flickering so I hope it doesn't go out.  There is a severe weather watch for parts of Central Ontario although not where we live.  However, we are getting a heavy rainfall.

The past two days I have been getting a lot done in the quilt room.  I have nearly all the fabrics stored on shelves but still have a large pile of smaller pieces.  I think I am going to cut them into 12.5 inch squares and use those to make charity quilts.

I was going to load a customer quilt today but as the frame is covered in fabric, that it is going to have to wait.

What do you do with all your batting pieces?  I have stuffed mine into large clear bags but then I have to pull everything out whenever I am looking for a certain size.  Perhaps I should measure, mark and fold before putting in the bag.  It seems to take so long to get everything organized that you don't have time left to quilt.  Of course, some of you may not ever get into that state.  Unfortunately, I am not a clean as you go quilter.  I don't expect I will change so will just have to learn to accept that this is the way I am.  On the flip side, it bothers me if the rest of the house is untidy.  That is no doubt a good thing,


Thursday, September 2, 2021

Quilt Group is Starting

 Another cool day which I love but our granddaughter tells me it is warm in Alberta so I guess our temperatures will be going up again. I finished the little quilt I made for the neighbor's young lad that is starting kindergarten and will deliver that on Sunday.

When Heidi and I went for our walk today, I remembered something I forgot for our anniversary.  I always put aside one of the loaves of Christmas cake so we can have it as part of our anniversary celebration.  I took it out of the freezer when I got home and we had a piece for supper.  Which then reminded me that I better start gathering the ingredients for this years Christmas cakes.

The Burk's Falls Village Quilters are getting back together this month.  I have reserved the hall for the 20th and the majority of the ladies say they are going to be able to make it.  I feel as though my world has tilted back to where it should be.  It is going to be so good seeing everyone.

Here is another quilt I finished last week.