Thursday, June 14, 2018


I recently was able to help a couple of old friends reunite.  Last week, I received an email that seemed a bit odd but, as the link checked out, I took a chance and opened it.  It was from lady in Germany who was looking for a dear friend.  They had lost contact because of a series of events and now she was hoping to find her again.  She did what we all would have done in her situation and entered the woman's name in a search engine.  The little community news column I write for our local paper popped up as a woman with the same name was mentioned.
She contacted me in hopes that I could help her.  I remembered who had sent me the information concerning the woman and forwarded the email to her.  Today I received the exciting news that this lady was indeed the long lost friend and was thrilled at hearing from the lady in Germany.
I am so pleased for them both and excited that I had a small part in the happy result.  You just never know what one thing will lead to, do you.?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Lovely Surprise.

I got a lovely surprise today.  A dear lady who won one of my Island Batik draw prizes was kind enough to send me a photo of the project she made with the fabric.  What a considerate and gracious thing to do.  You can see a photo by clicking on the link below.

Her post gave me such a boost that I was able to happily spend the rest of the day doing some cosmetic changes to my course web site.

I also got the last of my flowers (unless I buy more) planted in my new bed.  I would be moving a lot of the spring bulbs into it in the fall and then add some miniature roses as well as fall blooming plants.

We are supposed to get some rain tonight which is why I wanted to get the planting done today.  The vegetables could do with a good watering as well.  we do water them each day but it is not as effective as a good electrolyte filled downpour.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Election Day

It is election day in Ontario.  The weeks of campaigning are over and now the voters are having their say.  There is one group of people that often get overlooked that have a very important part in ensuring that we are able to voice our opinions by marking a ballot.
This group of workers are those that you see (as well as those involved in counting the ballots) when you go to the voting station.  They are the ones who will help you get  to the right area, give you information on what is expected and get you registered. It is their responsibility to make sure everything is done correctly.  It is a lot of responsibility and I know they take it seriously.  I hope you remembered to express your thanks to, at least, one of these folk before you left the room.

After we voted, hubby and I picked up some top soil for the new flower garden I want.  I have ideas, he carries them out.  Aren't I a lucky woman?  It will be basic this year but I hope it will eventually turn out to be like an English garden.

I have been in a dressmaking mood lately and am just finishing another top.  Tomorrow, I hope to get back to quilting.  I have a pattern that has been floating around in my head (nice to have something there!) and I would like to see how it works out on paper.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

First Road Trip of the Season

We had a lovely trip through Kilbear park near Parry Sound on Saturday.  The weather was lovely.  We took a picnic lunch and ate it at the park and then did a driving tour around.  The park is on the shore of Georgian Bay which is part of Lake Superior.  I imagine the water was still cold but there were a few people sun bathing  along the sandy beaches.
Hubby and I both took quite a few photos.  These below give a fairly good idea of the area.  Our only complaint is that the signage was poor. We wanted to see the lighthouse and there was just one sign pointing away from the main road and that was it.  We figured it had to be at the edge of the water but there was a lot of that.  So, we went away disappointed.  It was a nice day though and we can mark our first road trip of the season a success.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Gnome Home

Most of our gnomes are in their summer home.  They decided to move this year from the garden at the front to our rock feature  on the south side.  There are a few more to get moved and then that will be another thing done.
It was quite a bit cooler today which made for an easier day of working.  I got quite a lot done to my web site as well as a few odds and ends.  We are going to a day trip so I am trying to get some of the Saturday morning chores done this evening.
Tomorrow, we will pack a lunch including something for the dog and head to a park with a lot of very pretty areas.  We are both taking our cameras.
We have decided to do some day tours this summer as there isn't any reason to do otherwise. Even short jaunts make for a nice break.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mushy Brain

My brain feels like mush.  After we got back from shopping this morning, I  stayed at the computer for the rest of the day and evening.  I am making good progress but it will need a lot of fine tuning.
It has been very hot again today and is supposed to be a repeat tomorrow. I have a fan going in the studio and the air condition is on in the main part of the house.  It doesn't get really hot in here thanks to all the trees surrounding us and the extra insulation in the walls.

By the end of the day the temps. creep up thought.
That is it for tonight,

Monday, May 28, 2018

May Challenge

This month's challenge for the Island Batik( Ambassadors was to make a pillow.  The hardest part about the project was to chose the pattern.

I am very fond of stars and star variations so I decided on the Entwined Star.  I changed the colour layout so it looks quite different from the original.
Image result for entwined star
Original Block

My Version

It is amazing how changing a few colours can make a block look entirely different. This will look nice on my bed as the quilt there is blue and brown.
I am now working on  half dozen placemat.  Of course, Island Batik is my fabric of choice.
It has been quite hot here the past few days so I am quite happy to stay in side, work on my course and quilt.