Thursday, June 20, 2024

I am Creative, not Messy.

 It is really hot here.  It would be worse if not for the 80 foot plus  trees that surround us.  Also, our home is very well insulated and we have an AC.  I try not to grumble (not always successfully) as we are much more fortunate than many.  I also have the choice of doing nothing if I choose.  As a contrast, I have friends in the western provinces that have had to worry about frost.  Canada where the weather is never boring.

I have been getting ready for the Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Centre's first sale of the year.  I have a good supply of quilts and, I discovered, some smaller items that I forgot.  I am not making anything else.  I was going to do a crib quilt and, in fact, am working on it but I decided not to push it.  There will be another sale later.

Now that everything that was pressing is done, I am back to my least favourite but necessary task.  The studio is piled high with fabric that was pulled out to model for a project.  Of course, I never put anything back until I am finished which means the pile of material gets higher and mixed in with cut fabric.  I have given up trying to clean as I go as apparently that isn't my nature.  I have a little mug mat by my computer that says I don't get messy, I get creative.

I am very creative!!!!


Friday, June 14, 2024

Preparing for a Sale

 The day is moving on and I want to get a bit more quilting done but, first, the latest news here in the backwoods.

  If you have been working on the scrappy pattern quilt, there is one more step.  After you have cut the corners from each block you are going to have two nice sized triangles.  Sew them together along the longest side and you will have a block that can be used as an outside border.

My customer quilt is finished and sent to its new home.  The customer was very pleased which is always gratifying.  It was a challenge to make but that kept me interested.

Later this month, the Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Club will be holding it's first sale of the year.  I have been finishing up some of my UFO's to enter.  This photo is one of them.  I finished it some time ago but always felt it needed something else.  Yesterday I added the cats and I think that makes it a lot more appealing.  I now have a crib quilt on the long arm and am working on another.

We had a tornado warning for much of Ontario yesterday.  We didn't get anything more than a few gusts of wind and a little thunder but it was enough to frighten the cat.  It must have been terrifying for her to be living outdoors for seven years without any comfort or shelter.  She is getting lots of love and care now.


Friday, June 7, 2024

Last Steps.

 My long arm is working and I finished quilting my tonal customer quilt.  I now just have the binding to do.  It is so nice to have my Gracie working again.  I changed the thread once more and also the needle.  This time, I used one of the ones that came with the machine.  It was a size 18 and I had a 16 in the machine.  When all that was finished, I tried sewing once again.  And it sewed without any thread breakage!  I guess my machine appreciates a larger needle so it will get its wish from now on.

On Monday, I had the  privilege to teach my quilt pattern to our local quilt group.  Everyone picked it up quickly and created some lovely work.

Here are the last steps. The first 2 photos show the two squares, how to mark, place together and cut.

The last photo is how to join the blocks.  This is the tricky part.  You may have to print this photo or the one from the previous blog to use as a guide.  The basic steps are:  place one square with white corner pointing  to the upper left, next is lower right and repeat.

Fabric right sides together, marked side on top.  Stitch to right of line keeping as close as possible.

                      Cut lower right corner 1/4 inch from stitched line.  Repeat for all squares.

                                               Sew squares together following instructions.


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Scrappy Step Two

 Next step for the quilt:  Take one 5.5 inch white square and draw a line from one corner to the opposite side on the wrong side.  Do this with all the white squares.

Lay all the 7.5" squares right side up and place a white square on each one, right sides facing.  Align the white square with a corner of the red.  Marked line should be horizontal as you would do with half square triangle.  Sew along the marked line keeping the stitching just to the right of the line.  Repeat for all squares.

For the past while, I have been looking for a camper for my sister to use when she is here on holidays.  It has been intensive with searching web sites, contacting owners and sending links to my sister who is in England.  We have finally found one and will be bringing it home this week.  We are all pleased with it.  It will be on our property for a bit and then moved to my sister's which is next to ours.  We will also be able to make it available to other family members who want to visit.

In addition to this, a family member was taken to hospital for emergency surgery and another is having some health problems.  The first will be home shortly so now it is just the other to be praying for.

On the plus side, our garden is in and doing well.  However, I still haven't got my long arm working.  That is my next must do.

I will post a photo of the quilt next time.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in asking.

(A pattern preview)


Monday, May 20, 2024

Free Scrappy Pattern

Happy Victoria weekend.  Our weather has been great so those who are camping will have a wonderful time.  We have been doing the extra things that don't get done at any other time.  Veggies and flowers are in the ground and hoping to get rain tomorrow.  We spring cleaned the main bedroom and a few more odds and ends.  I also got my serger working again.  I was beginning to think my machinery was rebelling as first the long arm and then serger quit.  Haven't got the LA solved yet but, after I refreshed my memory by reading the serger handbook, I solved that problem.  I have have 3 dozen silky scarves to make for the workers at a craft sale that our Art and Craft Group is putting on.

Because I have been so slow in posting for the past while, I have a free pattern for you.  If you like making scrappies but hate all the left over bits and pieces which make more scraps, then you will like this pattern.

It is a lap size (45 X 60) but can be easily adjust to make other sizes.

You will need two blocks for each section.  Cut 48 squares of bright fabric that is 7.5 inches square.  Bright colours and as few as possible of the same fabric or all the same will give the best result. You will also need 48- 5.5 squares of white (all the same fabric).  You can use black for a real pop if you wish.

Next step will include the cutting,


Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Gardening Time

 We are getting some sunny warm weather and our spring flowers are blooming.  Hubby has added another level to our raised beds so I don't have to bend so far.  I will be planting our tomatoes and potatoes in them soon.  The petunia's and other flowers that I started indoors are doing well and will soon be planted outside along with the geraniums.  

It is hard to focus on the sewing machine when it is so nice outside but the blackflies, which have arrived, help keep me focused.  I was making good progress on the quilt that is on my long arm frame when I noticed that one row was over the preceding one.  Now I am getting practice unsewing.

I hope to be sharing a scrappy pattern with you soon.  In the meantime, check out these sewing hacks.  There are some great ideas here.


Tuesday, April 23, 2024


I have a friend who is a genius at finding interesting or helpful videos.  She sent this one this morning and as I really don't have much to share, I thought I would pass it on.  It does come with a warning that you will be singing it for the rest of the day.

It is a dreary raining day here.  Hubby has lit the wood stove and I would really like to lay on the couch and read but I had better make a couple more blocks for my customer quilt. Hope you enjoy the video.