Friday, February 26, 2016

Free Book

I just learnt how to operate Drop Box today.  I am sure that many of you are already using this program to upload and save your photos.  I had been using something else which was supposed to allow me to upload a photo from my tablet and have it synchronize to my pc (if that is the correct term). I didn't find that it worked that well or at least it didn't for me.  Drop Box seems to be simpler.  I have already used it without problem.
I want to be able to use my tablet for taking more photos and then share them from my PC.  This will allow me to do that.  Also, if I have understood it correctly, photos in Drop Box will not be lost if my computer crashes, gets stolen etc.
I have been working on catching up on my Blocks of the Day.  I discovered I had missed one so got it done plus one other so I am only 5 behind now and they are simple.  Should have them done tomorrow as hubby is volunteering at an area winter carnival.
If you are interested in a free book by noted author, John Grisham, click on the link below which was shared by a member of my Hearts2Hands Yahoo group .  This book is a fictional story based on an actual medical procedure which could change the way many illnesses are treated.  Be a great read for the weekend.  Blessings,

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Making Lemonade.

The day has arrived.  I just received notification that my beautiful Island Batik fabrics are about to be shipped. They are coming from the US so it will take a few days for them to get here but it is going to be like the best of Christmas' when they arrive.  I will also be told what I will receive before they are sent so the anticipation will be even greater.
I will be able to share some of them with you but not all as some of the fabric won't be released to the stores until later in the year.
I also finished the quilt top I was working on and just have a couple more rows before the one that is one the frame is finished.  I got all the fabric cut for my next project earlier today so lots of quilting accomplished.
We had about half a foot of snow yesterday and, after the snow plow guy left, I went out and did a path for Heidi and cleared the walk by the house.  I can only do a bit of lifting of the light snow because of my whiplash injury but I do enjoy doing what I can.  It is frustrating to have my activities limited as I have the energy and strength but if I overdo it, I have to go in for a treatment.
A funny thing happened earlier today.  I was in my studio when I heard my husband make one of those noises that cause you to ask 'what happened'.  He had dropped the jar of peanut butter on the floor and, as the lid was off, it caused a mess.  A few minutes later, he called the dog to clean up the residue.  I hollered out 'put a pill in it'.  Heidi has to take half an allergy pill each day and I always put it in a bit of peanut butter so she will swallow it without problem. 
I went back to my work and shortly after hubby called to let me know that 'Heidi has had her pill'.  That is what you call a good case of making lemonade from lemons.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Top Done

Eastern Ontario is getting one of those end of the season storms that arrive to remind you it is still winter.  It hasn't been bad in our area; just snow, but south of us has had freezing rain and everything else mixed in.  I stayed indoors and quilted.  This block is from a top I am just finishing.  I am now trying to decide on the border.
I also started cutting fabric for my next project.  I could work on one of the many kits I have made but that doesn't seem as much fun as starting over.  I am using up some fabric that was given to me.  Other than the black, that is also what was used in the top I have just done.  I am have been trying to come up with an idea for all the batiks I have as well.   I have been saving/collecting them for a long time and then had a bunch given to me so there is enough to do a good sized quilt. 
Hubby went to North Bay on Monday for one of his pre operation appointments and has another one booked for early next month.  This one will involve the blood work, x rays etc.
We have been discussing what to do about maple syrup season this year.  He won't be able to do any of the tapping and gathering so we are going to see if a friend would like to help and get half the syrup in return.  So many people have volunteered to help with the chickens and other duties that we could have a different person each week for a long time.  People are so kind.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Gift from the Grands.

I finished the blocks for the new quilt I am making.  I just have to decide on the fabric for the corner blocks and then I can do the border.  This is a really quick pattern because the blocks are 20"  square-6 blocks and you have a top.  I think these big blocks are a great idea for those who would like a quick project so I have designed  one myself.  I hope to get it up and ready for purchase shortly.
The sun was lovely here today and I went out to get some exercise and fresh air in the mid afternoon.  I played 'chase the ball' with the dog  and shovelled her path where she does her toilet duties.  The snow was quite light and easy to move so I didn't have to worry about hurting anything.
We got a lovely card from the grandchildren today.  It had two handprints on it and when you opened them (they were like a flap and fastened at the top) it revealed each of their faces blowing a kiss.
Inside they had written a message to us.  We will leave it on the china cabinet where we can see it when we are in the kitchen and living room. Later, it will be added to our collection of other things from them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Wasted Trip

It started out to be a normal day.  I needed to get fuel for the car, a few groceries and return a purse I had bought so left for Huntsville just before ten.  The roads were a bit messy and every time a car passed I had to use the washer fluid but I made it to the stores without incidence.  First stop was Walmart and the Customer Service counter.  While there I opened my hand bag to get my wallet and discovered I didn't have it.  I had left it at home.  Fortunately, the money I got for the returned purse paid for the two items I needed most and then I returned home.  Also fortunate was that I still had enough fuel.
Hubby had offered to bring my wallet to Huntsville but as it is an hour round trip, I told him not to bother.  I get the other items I need in the village on my trip to get the mail.
I would put this down to advancing age but I did the same thing many years ago.  That time, however, I lived in the same community as the place I was shopping.
I got started on my new quilt today.  I have changed the pattern a bit from the original and also simplified the cutting and sewing method.  The first block is finished and I really like it.
It should go together fairly quickly as the blocks are 20 inches.  The finished quilt will be for a single bed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fabric Give Away

Would you like to win some beautiful Island Batik fabric?  Of course, you would.  Who wouldn't? For more information on the blog hop and how you can enter, go to:
I have been feeling a bit dull, quilting wise and decided I needed to start a new project.  I have been working on baby and crib quilts for quite a while as well as the block of the day challenge and was beginning to feel I was working and not creating.  I thought I would make one of the quilts on my to do list but it involved a lot of half square triangles and I have got a bit tired of them.  Nearly all the BOD have multiples of them.
I decided to do one from a book I bought while ago (Super Size 'Em) and have chosen the fabric and started cutting the pieces.  I am looking forward to this one and I really haven't felt like that for a bit.
Some quilts have to be done if I am going to have any kind of a business and, usually, I enjoy making them.  However, when I am no longer excited about quilting, it is time to take a step back.

We had another power outage on the weekend.  It went out just after midnight Saturday and didn't come back on until 2.30 p.m.  Our church service had to be cancelled and the brunch the men were cooking for us was postponed.  The temperature had dropped to minus 37 C (minus 44 with wind chill) and I guess either there was an overload or some lines snapped.  The woodstove wasn't able to keep all our house warm so we closed off the quilt room (after moving the houseplants into the main part), huddled under some quilts and read.  We were fortunate as our water lines didn't freeze and neither did we.  We were even able to cook the roast we had planned for supper.
We are now back to much warmer temperatures.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Free Pattern, A Correction and More Hints

We have an extreme cold weather warning throughout our area but it hasn't been bad today.  I was able to get out for our walk and took some photos on the return trip.  It has been a bit of a frustrating day as the tension on my machine is acting up.  I have tried a number of things without resolving it so now will take everything apart and make sure there isn't anything caught where it shouldn't be.  I was working on the Block of the Day project as I was trying to correct the machine.  I got one of the block pieces finished and was trimming it to size and cut it wrong.  Now I have to make more of those tiny one inch sections.  I decided I wasn't getting anywhere and worked on the frame quilt for a while until I ran out of bobbin thread. 
Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.
Here is the pattern I promised.  You can either hand or machine applique it.  When I was very young, I had a quilt with appliqued rabbits on it and have always wanted to make one myself.  You can get the pattern by right clicking on it and choosing 'print' from the menu.  If you have problems let me know and I will send it to you.
I have been told (and found out for myself) that the link I gave for the rotary blades doesn't work.  If you put ormkraft rotary blades in your search engine, it will take you to their Facebook page where you can order.  Or, the email address is:

Free Pattern
Mr. Rabbit
Here is a photo of my latest baby quilt.  Everyone loves owls.  This one is machine and hand quilted.
Owl Baby Quilt

I found these handy hangers at one of the dollar stores.  Great for scissors and other items.

Handy Hanger
This is how I store my panels.  I like to have my fabric where I can see it otherwise I forget what I have.  the hangers are the same as what you use for skirts or slacks.  Love my wood plank walls.  Always somewhere to put a nail!

Panel Organization

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cold, Cold Day.

It is snapping cold today: minus 23 C.  Wasn't sure if the car would start this morning but, after a small groan, it kicked into life.  I gave a group of ladies their first applique lesson this morning at the Art Centre in the village.  It went well and I will be doing this once a month for a while.
The rest of the day was spent quilting and working on the computer.  I got my baby blanket finished, sent off a pattern proposal and few other odds and end.
I took Heidi for a walk later in the afternoon after I found where I had left her little pink bootees.  A bit too cold for a dog to be out without some protection on their feet.  We didn't go far as it was too cold but it was nice to get outside and enjoy the crisp air.
Hubby's operation day has been moved from the 22nd of Mar. to the 29th which is a bit of a disappointment.  The earlier it is done, the quicker the recovery.  However, the main thing is that it is done. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quilting Odds and Ends.

A few odds and ends for those of you who quilt:  a good source for rotary blades is :  They are Canadian and ship internationally

If you are interested in a chance to win some wonderful Island Batik fabrics, go to: and click on their 'blog' link.  They are going to be holding a blog hop and will be giving away prizes.

A handy tip:  often when we have a block with a number of pieces, it can be hard keeping them all in order.  This is  especially true if you don't have a design wall or a separate area of the house for a  studio.  Lay the pieces on a towel.  They will stay in place.  If you have to pack up before finishing, just roll up the towel.  If your pattern consists of a number of different blocks, use more than one towel.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Block Coming.

If you live anywhere in Canada but the province of British Columbia, I hope you didn't take Monday off believing, after reading Friday's post,  it was a holiday.  I was a week early.  Ontario's Family Day observance is this coming Mon the 15th.  See that is what happens when you are retired; one day is the same as another. (Thank you to an alert reader who pointed out my error.)
Yesterday and today I have been working at getting caught up on my BOD.  I started with the ones that seemed easier and immediately ran into problems.  A step was missed in two blocks that were made the same way.  Got those sorted out and completed another one that was similar.  The next three were even easier.  Completed two and then got stuck on the third which was a simple Hourglass.  I got the block made but trimmed it incorrectly.  I did the same thing on the second one.
Rather than throw my sewing machine out the window, I took the dog for a walk.  I know it was the ruler's fault and not the machine but tossing the latter would have been more dramatic.
I think I will work on the quilt that is on the frame for a while and give my brain a chance to recuperate.
I am planning on a free block for Friday and it won't be the Hourglass.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Stay at Home Mom

It is snowing so heavily right now that I can barely see the end of our driveway.  I can't remember if this was predicted but it is happening.  I have had a nice day quilting.  Hubby went out in the afternoon to play cards and Heidi went for her spa so I had the house to myself.  Not that either of them do anything to impede my quilting but there is always a special feeling of freedom knowing you are the only living being at home. As much as I enjoy it, I as glad when I saw the van turn onto the driveway.  I like knowing everyone is safe in our rural nest.
After the Snow Storm
I got a friends quilt listed on the Quilts for Sale site, loaded a top onto the frame and sorted out a few odds and ends.  I had made a stew earlier in the day and it has been cooking on the woodstove all afternoon.  We will have it for supper.
Everybody was back home for 4.00; husband to tell he had been the high scorer and Heidi looking spiffy.  I felt like a stay at home wife and mother.  Which, I guess, I am.
I was rereading some of my earlier blogs looking for some information and realized I had not posted a free block in some time  I will remedy that and get something for you next week.
Hope you have a good weekend.  It is Family Day here on Monday so a long weekend for some people.  Whatever you do, have a wonderful and safe time.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watch Out Squirrels

Our Heidi is back to normal: barking at squirrels, begging for treats and being her cute, frisky self.  I contacted her vet today and asked her to make a note on Heidi's file to give her shots on two different days next time.  It was hard to see her be so lethargic.
All ready to play 'throw the pig'.
The fellow came to clear the driveway today so we can get out without having to traverse snow ruts.  We had to dig out my car as the thaw and freeze had it stuck to the ground. I have now moved it to where the ground is higher.  After, the outdoor stuff, I finished doing the baby quilt top and made a banner for our church .  I am going to topstitch the baby quilt on my table machine as I want to follow some of the design on the panel
 I have to go into the village tomorrow to do a bit of shopping and deposit the cheque from the last quilt that sold. I keep forgetting that this is a holiday weekend and was going to go to Huntsville.  I would rather get what we have to have in the village and avoid the crowds.
The warm weather was nice but I am glad to see it settle to seasonal temperatures again. Perhaps I will even be able to get out for a walk tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Bugs.

I wasn't looking forward to the drive north today as the weather was changing so drastically.  The pounding rain, which turned into freezing rain and then snow woke me up through the night.  This morning, I had to force the back door open against the snow that had drifted.  Hubby then went out with the shovel to make a path for Heidi to take care of her business. We left a bit earlier than we normally allow and it was a good thing we did.  Getting out the driveway and then down the street was challenging.  From there it wasn't bad but I kept watching the thermometer drop which was nerve wracking given that the roads were so wet. Fortunately, it got warmer and then really warm for the trip home.  The driveway hadn't been plowed yet and we got stuck in the usual place; where the hill curves and the van is still there.  It is supposed to be colder tomorrow so hubby should be able to back down and get some more traction for the return trip up.
I haven't done anything since coming home other than making supper.  Can't even get up the energy to quilt.
Little Heidi is still not back to being her peppy self but should be by tomorrow.
The weather did make driving conditions difficult but the scenery has been lovely.  The snow was sticking to the evergreens and it looked just like a Christmas card every where we went.
I was supposed to be teaching the applique class that got postponed last week but it has been changed once again as there is another lady beside myself who is stuck in the driveway. Still not complaining.  It is all better than flying bugs!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Poor Heidi

We have been taking turns doggy sitting today.  Heidi went for her yearly checkup and shots this morning and, despite taking an anti allergen, she still reacted badly.  Hubby sat with her while I did some quilting and then I took a turn.  We wanted to keep an eye on her in case she was in trouble.  She is starting to seem better now, looks more alert, had something to drink and went outside.
Her check up was good but she does need to lose a couple of pounds.  It isn't her dog food that is the problem but all the extra treats.  We are going to have to stop them or at least cut back a good bit.  She is too small to let her weight get out of control
Tomorrow we are off to North Bay were hubby sees the surgeon who is going to do his hip replacement.  We hope to get a date for the operation soon.  Heidi will be having a spa day.  She needs a trim. Her hair has got quite long and her nails need trimming as well.
We expect to come home and find a spiffy little dog.
It has been quite warm today and is supposed to be well into the plus side tomorrow.  Strange winter.