Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Amazing Car

I would like you to click on the link above, watch the video and then, if you live in Canada, ask your MP or MPP why this isn't for sale here.

Please pass on.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Change of Plans

I have been working on a new quilt top today.  It is a nice break from designing and writing patterns, working on my web site and sorting fabric.  I got most of my fabric put back on the shelves after moving things around yesterday but there is still a bin of material that needs to be folded.
I have put all the smaller pieces in another bin and I will get back at them in a day or so after I have had this little break.
Have you checked out my Shortcut HST's on my web site.  I have added a diagram and another step.  This step will remove the need for trimming the points from the HST's before using them.
I've always found it annoying to have to do that so glad I have discovered this little trick.
My husband has started boiling the maple sap today.  He thought he would start now rather than waiting for it to stop running.  I have been a dutiful wife and taken him a thermos of tea and apple.
We may not be going away for Easter after all.  There is a lot of things going on at the in-laws-elderly relatives in the hospital, children with the flu.  They really don't need to have two more people plus dog adding to the mix.  There are a number of things happening in the village so we will take part in some of them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still Moving

We are, once again, moving furniture in the quilt and sun rooms.  I guess this will go on for a bit as we use the rooms and see what feels comfortable and allows us to access what is needed.
Have you checked out the Free Patterns page that is listed under pages on the right side of the blog.  I have 3 of my patterns there and will be getting more uploaded soon.  Not today though.  I have to put all my fabric back on the shelves.
I bought a new monitor for the computer on Saturday.  What a difference in colour. 
Speaking of colour; I notice that the trees along our driveway are starting to take on a reddish hue.  This usually happens as the weather warms up and the leaf buds start to form.  An encouraging sign of spring.
The sap has started running again and my husband thinks he will start to boil soon.  As I no longer will be able to see him from the quilt room, he is going to have to phone me if he wants anything.  We tried that once before but I nixed the idea pretty quickly.  It can be boring just standing and stirring and hubby was calling me to tell of a bird he had seen or a chipmunks activity.  Interesting but the constant interruptions did get to be annoying.  I may have to institute a' one call an hour' policy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Who Knew-Blog Growth

I discovered something yesterday while doing some adjustments to my blog settings: I can add pages.  Who knew.  Well, probably lots of people but I didn't.  This aging lady is peddling as fast as she can to keep up with all this technology which wasn't even a dream while she was growing up.  I can't even say I am keeping up as I still have a basic cell phone that is only used for sending and receiving calls and it is turned off the majority of the time.  I don't tweet, text and rarely chat.  I use Facebook but not to impart the minutia of my life. 
On the plus side, I am proficient with the computer and digital camera.  I set up my own web page and, while it isn't fancy, it does work. I am even thought of as something of a computer guru amongst my friends. 
I have learnt from watching others, reading and trial and error.  Mostly the latter and frequently accompanied by loud sounds of frustration.
 If you look to the upper right hand side of your screen, you will see the word "Pages".  Under it is Home and My Quilts.  My Quilts will be changed to include all the free patterns I post or that may be a separate page.  I haven't decided as yet.  I am also thinking of including a page for some of my photos: deer, chickens, scenery etc.  It will be called something like 'My Life in the Country"

So, big things happening in bloggerland for me.  Hope you some of it interesting.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Fun

If you are an addicted blog reader, scroll to the bottom of the page and check out some of the ones I have listed.  I have included cooking and country living as well as quilting.  If you do contact them, please leave a comment letting them know you got the information from ArkAngel Creations.  As part of this little exercise, I was supposed to list 11 links but only got  to 8.  I might give you some more later.
If you are a blogger, feel free to copy and paste the info and add your own.

A few days ago, Quilter in the Pines tagged me for the Liebster Award

The rules for participation:1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate
4. Choose 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and link them in your post.

The questions from my nomines:1. Where did you go on your last vacation?  Edmonton, to see our grandchildren
2. What is your favorite part of quilting? Designing the pattern
3. Do you do any other kinds of sewing? Dressmaking
4. Which ancestor would you like most to meet? My maternal great grandmother
5. If you could live in another time, when would it be? I prefer now more rights for women
6. What’s your favorite food? Fish and Chips
7. Do you like to cook? Bake but not cook
8. Do you like being around lots of people, or would you rather be by yourself? By myself
9. Do you follow any sports team? Blue Jays, sort of
10. Are you still in touch with your childhood best friend? No
11. What’s your favorite holiday? thanksgiving

Random Information:
Winter is my favourite season
I love classical music
I am a Christian
Quilting is my passion
Hand applique is my latest skill
Mystery books are my favourite
I am a royalist
My husband is my best friend
I believe a home isn't a home without a dog or cat (or some other non human companion)
I have two brothers and two sisters
I was born in England

Here are your questions:

Who is your favourite historial character: real or fiction
What is your favourite book
Do you remember the name of one of your school teachers
What is your favourite colour
What is your order in the family (oldest? youngest?)
What is your favourite month
What is your mother's maiden name
What was the name of your first pet
What is your favourite mode of transportation
Do you cry at movies
Where were you born

check out these blogs:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day in the Country

My husband drove me into the village early this afternoon so I could go to the doctors and he could get the mail and do some odds and ends. As we were driving along, we saw a couple on the side of the road walking what appeared to be a couple of good sized dogs.  When we got closer, we realized the dogs were actually miniature ponies!  You never know what you are going to see when driving in the country.
We got a good bit of snow overnight but, as I mentioned yesterday, we decided to not get the driveway plowed as we are getting a warm spell on the weekend.  However, when we got home, we could see it had been done.  Our next door neighbour came over after doing his.  Our driveway is about 200 feet long with a hill so that wasn't a case of just popping over with a snow blower for 10 minutes.  The neighbour has a backhoe which is what he used.  A nice surprise.  They are good neighbours.

I've just finished designing another pattern and am quite pleased with it.  However, the right shade of fabric is crucial to the look so I am thinking of offering it as a kit.  I haven't done this before so will think on it for a bit.
What do you think of the idea?  If I do go this route, I am going to have to sell the pattern in a store as I don't want to get into shipping costs, packaging etc.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Encouragement

Winter and Spring seem to be in a wrestling match to determine supremacy and, at the moment, winter is wining.  We are getting still more snow and, while it does look lovely, my appreciation for it is fading.  This year, I need the warmth so my quilt room can get finished. 
While I wait, I will continue to work on my unfinished projects so when all the hydro is hooked up I can get them quilted.
Sandi's Star quilt
I got an e mail from a lady I met originally through an on line group and then in person.  She wrote to tell me she had completed this quilt (sending a photo) from one of my free blocks.  What a thrill to see someone else's interpretation and how lovely of her to share.  It was and is such an encouragement.

She is now going on to make another of my patterns.  She wanted to make it in a different size and I am pleased to be able to adjust the instructions for her.

I am sure other designer's go through periods of wondering if the only person interested in their patterns is themselves so receiving feedback is like discovering a $20.00 bill in your coat pocket.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Take Your Fabric to Lunch

We did a quick trip to town this morning.  It was a bit nasty driving back as the wind was blowing quite hard and, combined with the snow, resulted in poor visibility.  However, now we are back home the sun is shining brightly as if to say 'you are back where you belong'. 
Now I have replaced the thimble that I lost, I can get back to my hand quilting.  I missed being able to do that and I am anxious to get the top done as it is my first attempt at doing everything without a machine.  I bought an extra thimble so I have a back up and am putting the supplies in a decorative tin so it should reduce the chance of anything getting misplaced.
I also bought some fabric to finish the border of a quilt and silver thread for the place mats I was doing.  So, I should be able to work without interruption for a bit.
We are going out tonight to a fund raising concert.  Because the village is small, it is hard for things such as rodeos, jamborees etc. to be self supporting.  Therefore, there are a lot of fund raisers to help out.  The local business people are always generous in providing things for prizes but I am sure it takes a big bite from their bottom line.
This year, we have a number of great events as part of the summer activities.  The rodeo returns for its second year,  as does the Chili Cook off. The RCMP musical ride will be making its first appearance and the Country Jamboree happens in August just before the fall fair. 
Now that we have a Chamber of Commerce and their web site, visitors will be able to access information on all the happenings.
Don't forget tomorrow is International Quilt Day.  Take your fabric out to lunch or at least off the shelf and turn it into something beautiful.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Visitor?

Place Mats 2013
I finished the set of pink/green place mats yesterday and started  quilting the seasonal ones.  It doesn't show in the photo but I have used silver thread in a meandering stitch over the picture.  I will do freehand stars also in the silver thread on the border.
It is cool-compared to last week-today but the sun is shining brightly so a good day to be in the quilt room.  I am gradually getting through my pile of unfinished projects.  I have given up on sorting fabric for a bit as that can get a bit mind numbing after a while.
I have also been working on my web site.  If you haven't checked it out for a while, take a look.  I uploaded a free applique block yesterday.  I am hoping to add a free pattern each week for a bit anyway so be sure to check in frequently.
My husband was cleaning out the chicken coop this morning.  This is the one where the flock that fell prey to the mink lived.  When he came back in, he said that there had been tracks around the other coop and they looked as though they might belong to a bobcat.  Definitely something from the cat family rather than fox or wolf.  I hope whatever it is, that they don't get the chickens but it is interesting to think of what is wander around at night.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring or Not

Spring seems to have changed its mind about arriving early.  It has been snowing since yesterday.  It is only a sprinkling of flakes but it has been steady.  The temperatures has also dropped back below freezing so I don't think I will put away my winter coat for a bit yet.
I learnt an interesting fact yesterday.  It takes10 cm of snow to equal 1 cm of rain.  Nice that nature works on the decimal system!
Speaking of, have you been watching any of the photos that Chris Hatfield has been taking from the International Space Station.  Breathtaking! Our little planet is a beautiful place.  I believe in Creation rather than the many other origin of life theories and these photos only serve to reinforce that belief.

I can't remember if I mentioned that I have started making my own yogurt and cheese.  I like the results of using milk but haven't been as successful with soy.  I am going to try goat milk next.  My husband is lactate intolerant but does seem to do all right with the goat cheese that I have bought.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I had to replace my PC's monitor today.  We have been having problems with it for a while but this morning it quit working.  We have a shop in the village that does electronics so I called and asked if they had an old, working monitor.  They did so husband and I picked it up and now I am back in service.  The old one only cost $20.00, it weighs almost as much as my car and has the rounded screen but will do until I get a new one.
problem number two: The PVC (recording system) on the television has been malfunction so, after I go the computer working, I phoned Bell.  We reached this wonderful lady who is sending us a new system.  Not only is there no charge but the return postage for the old one is paid.  This is probably my first really positive interaction with Bell.
Have you checked out my latest pattern, Tulips on Point"?  It is on my web site: for the low price of 9.00 which includes an alternate colour scheme and quilting suggestion.


Friday, March 8, 2013

My Pattern is Finished

Tulips on Point.
I just finished uploading my pattern to Every time, I start working on one of my designs, I wonder why I subject myself to the toil.  It is a lot of work.  However, once it is finished, there is a feeling of satisfaction and the hope that it will bring joy to the home of a quilter.

Today is International Women's Day.  It is a recognition that I take seriously.  I remember when women were supposed to quit school at eighteen, get married and stay in the home.  I remember when women were refused certain jobs because they belonged to men.  I remember when women got paid less than their male co-workers even if they were doing the same job.  I remember when a woman who was being abused was supposed to keep quiet about it.  I remember when there were no shelters for abused women and their children.  I remember when rape victims were treated as the guilty ones.  I remember many other things that have, in this country, changed.  They changed because of the efforts of women and the men who supported them. My husband has walked with me when I took part in protest marches.
However, there are millions in other countries who still don't have the rights and freedoms we enjoy.
Celebrate the day but don't think the war has been won.  I am thankful for those who devote time and money to help women in other countries.  It can be a dangerous decision for there are many who believe that a woman  is only a possession and will injure or kill those who think differently.
Mothers don't forget to talk to your daughters-and sons about the reason for this day. They will make a difference in the lives of others.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Day of Accomplishment

I feel like I have accomplished something today.  I have made bread-it is in the oven and started some sauerkraut.  I also completed writing the tulip pattern and it is now ready for editing.  Just have to make another sample block so I can include a photo.
I didn't feel like I was doing much extra work when my husband didn't have use of his left hand but, now that he is able to take over his tasks, I seem to have a lot more time. It is only just after two o'clock and I am now ready to take Heidi for a walk and then do some sewing.
It is snowing here again although the temperatures is above freezing.  The sap is flowing but not fast yet.  Roger is going to wait until the pails are full before gathering as it will be hard going through the snow.  Once the snow level drops down a bit it will be easier.
It is always nice when we have a fresh supply of the sweet stuff for our larder.  If we can sell a bit, that helps the bank account.
If you are Canadian, you will know Stompin' Tom Connors. He was a folk singer and I use that description in its original definition. He wrote and sang songs about real people and situations.  One of his most famous was about the game of hockey.  Tom died today and the country has lost a real patriot.

I thought you might like a reminder of spring time.  This is a red trillium.

Waiting for Spring

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Snow is Melting and Sap is Running

Some good news today.  My husband's hand is healing well and he can resume using it.  Yahoo, I don't have to clean eggs anymore.  He will still need a hand (pardon the pun) with some things as he doesn't have the full strength back yet.
I have been working on my new pattern and have it half finished.  It consists of two blocks and the more difficult one has been written up.  I should have the other done today.  It is a pieced quilt and is a nice lap quilt size although it can easily be made bigger.  The blocks are on point which is one of my favourite layouts.
It is well above freezing here and the snow is melting.  We had a large icicle hanging from the roof and it has come down.  My husband is out hanging more sap buckets and I imagine it is running today.  So, it seems as though Spring is on its way.  Can you believe that we put our clocks ahead this weekend?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Jackie who won the draw for a free pattern.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  I will have more free stuff later.
If you are looking for a pattern to celebrate spring, I am working on one that has pots of tulips set on point.  I hope to have it ready for purchase by next week.
We have started tapping our maple trees.  I went out with my husband this afternoon and, as he drilled and put in the taps, I hung the buckets.  Before I could do that, however, I had to pry them apart and pull the sled through snow that was up to my knees.  I could have used the snow shoes but then would have needed the poles for balance so it seemed easier to just wade.  After I reached the point of exhaustion, I just stayed by the pails and took them apart so my husband could hang them later.  We have 35 trees tapped now.  Some have already started dripping.  We have another 50 yet to do but they can wait for a day or two.
Tomorrow, we have an appointment with the surgeon who operated on Roger's carpal tunnel.  His office is in Huntsville so I will do some shopping while he waits to be seen.  It looks as though everything is healing nicely.
These coloured blocks of ice you see in the photo were the result of an experiment.  I filled 2 liter milk containers (cardboard) with water and added a few drops of food colouring.  Then I put the containers in the mudroom where they froze.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but finally realized I had better get them outside before spring arrived.
Next year, I will come up with a design.  In the meantime, I will save cartons.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Passing of a Friend

I don't know if I have ever done two posts in a day before but I didn't want to leave this until next week.  If you have taken a course from Quilt University, you will know Carol Miller.  I have just read the March newsletter and learnt, to my dismay, that Carol has died.  She had cancer and I expected that she would win this battle with her customary humour and strength.
I feel sad for her family, the quilting world and myself.
Although I never met her in person, I feel as though she has been a trusted friend for many years.  The world, at the moment, despite the sunshine, feels gray.

The Magic of Colour

I learnt something new today.  My March issue of the Quilt Pattern Magazine arrived in my In Box this morning and I decided I would print the copy.  I usually download, read and then print the sections that are of particular interest.  This time, I decided to print the whole thing as I do like to take my quilt magazines to bed where I have time to read them thoroughly and I suspected I wasn't getting the full benefit of the QPM.
I set my printer up to do both sides of the paper and watched as the first sheet came out.  I knew I was getting low on ink so wanted to make sure I hadn't run out mid page.  I was just going to take a look at the sheet when it disappeared back into the printer.  I checked the on screen cartridge icon and it looked okay so I couldn't think what might have happened.   I heard the printer activate again and figured I would have the next sheet printed on top of the first.  Nope.  When the machine retracted the page, it automatically printed on the other side.  Neat feature.  I didn't have to keep checking so I would be ready to turn the pile of printed sheets and press the start button.
While my printer was magically doing its job, I decided to fill some bobbins.  I was able to get ten done before the printing finished so now I am ready to start work .  I am going to finish up some seasonal place mats so I can add another project to the completed side of the ledger.

I posted this quilt a few days ago and while doing so wondered what it would look like as a scrappy.  With the help of EQ, I changed all the reds to create a scrappy look.  It was interesting to see that the reds have moved back and the pastels taken the foreground.  Therefore, if you scrappied (is that a word) the pastels and kept all the red pieces the same, the reverse would happen.  Isn't fabric and colour wonderful?