Friday, September 28, 2018


I am ready to quilt my star wall hanging.  I added a few extra touches today including French knots in gold metallic thread.  They won't likely show up unless you are looking closely but I like them as they add some depth like tiny stars that you can barely see.
I also did some experimenting with a couple of photos.  Tourists are always looking for photos and/or postcards that depict the area.  I decided to see if I could do some.  (See I don't always spend my time quilting.)  I have tons of photos that I have taken and that show off some of the best features of the area. Here are a couple.

Now I have the star quilt  ready for the frame, I can get back to one of my commissioned quilts.  I just got asked to finish another top as well so it seems as though I will be busy for a while.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Sneak Peak

A sneak peak at my September Island Batik project.  It is called "A Night in the Country"  I have just started the quilting.  Sometimes the stars here do seem that large.
Yesterday, I made 2 lots of strawberry jam and one of pumpkin butter.  I still have quite a few more to go but that is a start anyway.  Also, hubby and I got our 5 huskap berry bushes planted.  I am really looking forward to seeing the fruit next year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Three More Months.

It is quite windy with a heavy rainfall tonight and the dog doesn't like it.  She barks every time there is a gust or an increase in the rain.  I am sure she thinks she is warning us of danger but it gets a bit annoying when you have to keep assuring her there isn't an emergency.  She reminds me of the robot in the old TV show Lost in Space.  It would wave its tubular arms and intone "Danger Will Robinson."  I often wonder how the actors on shows like that managed to keep a straight face.
Thank you for your kind comments on my friends quilt.  If she had had the opportunity, I am sure she would have been a celebrity quilter.
I have finished the vintage top I was asked to quilt.  It is ready to go to its owner this weekend.  All those tiny hexagons are sewn by hand as is the border and the blanket stitch border embellishments.
I need some quick inspiration for a star quilt which is my Island Batik project for September.  I really like the Lemoyne star so think I might do that but I will need to get at it right away. Tomorrow I start my jam making.  Strawberry will be the first with pumpkin butter if I have time.  I also want to do more tomato jam as well as some grape.  That should keep us going for the winter.
Three more months until Christmas Day.  I hope you have started making your gifts.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hustle Time

If you live in Ontario, you have probably heard about the tornados that touched down near our nations capital on Friday.  It was quite a distance from us but we got very high winds.  They were fast enough that they took down trees and hydro lines.  Our power was off from Friday to midday Sunday.  Other than not being able to flush the toilets, we weren't in to bad a situation We have a gas cookstove plus the wood stove for heating.  A portable radio that hubby gave me for Christmas gave us music and news.  Solar lights from outdoors enabled us to read and navigate the house.  But, I think it is time to get our generator working.  We were concerned about the food going bad.  We were fortunate that our church hydro came on earlier than ours and we took the most perishable there.  The freezer is in the mudroom and it stayed fairly cool.  However, we are always going to be as lucky and, in the winter there is always a concern that the water pump and line will freeze.
I spent Sunday afternoon doing laundry and dishes but am still behind on quilting and writing projects.  I will have to hustle this week.
I was able to get one beg project finished.  I have been wanting to go through all my patterns and get rid of the ones I don't want and organize those I keep.  I got all the pieced patterns finished.  I filled a garbage bag with the discards.  I know that the applique patterns to do.  The final step will be to go through my magazines, photocopy the patterns that I am sure I am going to make and then donate the magazines.
This quilt was made for me by my friend Lilliana.  She doesn't use a pattern.  Everything is done from an idea she has in her head.  I think she is amazing.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pattern Perfect

 Quilters are always willing to share their experiences and expertise.  I posted a question on my group asked members how they filed, sorted, dealt with all their patterns.  I have a pile of them and, as most are not organized, I don't use them.  If I do want to find one, it usually involves a lot of frustration.  One of the best replies I received was from Keitha.  I thought you might like to see what she said.  
Long story short one day I woke up and said I must purge which I started. I looked at each pattern or magazine and asked why I liked this one- was it the colour scheme, the subject matter and so on. If I made them all, what would I do with the quilts? Who would want them when I passed on?Now, what I do with my quilt patterns is this; I try not to purchase magazines which in the beginning was difficult. Instead I go to the fabric manufacturer's sites and download free patterns which are usually in PDF form. Beside that file I post a picture of the pattern. 
 I also am on several blogs which post patterns in PDF form.
  So, when I need a pattern I go to the folder, search for the technique I want to use and search by picture. It is easy and fast. Sometimes I only download a picture because I liked the layout, colour scheme etc. Every once in awhile I go to a folder and find out what I can delete for whatever reason. Seeing a screen of pictures is so much better then leafing through pages in MHO.(my humble opinion)

I think one of the key suggestions is to get rid of what you will never use-purge is the work Keitha used.  I know I have a stack of loose patterns that I will not make.  I am not even thinking about the magazines at this point. So that is where I am going to start.  I don't think it will be right away but if we have a power outage it will be a perfect project.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A HInt of Autumn

A hint of autumn is in the air.  Temperatures are more bearable, geese, honking their farewells, fly  overhead and the trees are gradually taking on their graduation clothing.  It was a good day to bake so I made some Tomato Jam and a large skillet of Chili Sauce.  I had intended to make some muffins as well but getting that much done took more time than I expected.
Hubby was outside taking down some trees for firewood and I like to be on hand in case of mishaps.  And then it was time for lunch.
I finished the vintage quilt today so hope to get the binding done on Thurs. as well as loading the past two charity quilts.
Tomorrow I have my once a month quilt day with a few friends.  It is always a fun time
A Photo from Last Year to Remind you of the Glory of Autumn
.  I have some machine applique to do on the final border on another customer quilt.  I don't usually have this many paid projects at the same time but it is nice to have the extra money coming in.
Have you started thinking about Christmas projects yet?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Vintage Quilt

Last week was pretty eventful.  There were the shopping and housework, plus a medical appointment and, of course, lots of quilting.  On Friday, I took my friend to the airport for her return home.  It was sad to see her go as we had had a lovely three weeks.  I know she will be coming again so, until then, I will try and be content with emailing.  I have the same reactions when my sisters visit.  I love having the time with them but hate it when they go home.  It always feels as though part of you is being torn away.
I try to get back to usual activities as quickly as possible and just be thankful for the blessings I have.  I got my customer's vintage quilt loaded on the frame and started working on it today.  A couple of sections had to be replaced but I was fortunate in being able to find fabric that was fairly close to the original.  As was often the case with early quilters, the lady who made the top used a variety of fabrics: poly cotton, something that looks like it might be used for lining, textured cotton, and broadcloth.  The little hexagons are all hand sewn as it the border and the blanket stitch that joins the center to the border.
I am using a simple all over meander stitch which compliments without detracting from the top. It is such a privilege to be asked to help someone finish a family treasure.

Vintage Quilt

Congratulations to reader Brenda @ Songbird Designs who won a first place ribbon for her quilt  Wonderland

A Gift from my Friend-her design.  Note the twin towers in the background.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gifts for the Grands.

It has been a busy day.  I finished a charity quilt and got it ready for binding.  I was planning on loading another customer quilt but my house guest had a better idea.  She was taking a couple of small items for our grandchildren with her when she returned home.  Postage is a lot cheaper in province and it was also possible her son would be driving to the area so that would be even better.  I gave her the items and address and figure that was that.  Nope.  She thought that making pillowcases for the children would be a great idea so we spent a lot of the rest of the day doing those.  I will admit they turned out beautifully and think the children will really like them.
In the middle of the afternoon, we took a break, if it could be called that, to bring in the rest of the tomatoes.  I didn't realize how many there were.  We pretty much filled one of those totes you use to carry groceries and that was with leaving behind all the little red and green ones. Looks like I am going to be making a lot of tomato based preserves.
After pulling up the plants and the stakes, we were both tired but, troopers that we are, we went back to sewing.
I think I am getting to old for all this excitement.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Helping Hand

Thank you all for the nice and supportive comments about my fall fair entries.  Brenda, I am looking forward to hearing how you did.
A huge box arrived in the mail today.  It was stamped as extra heavy with a symbol for the carrier.  I was glad that hubby was the one that went in for the mail today as I wouldn't have been able to carry it.  The box was packed with clothing for the memory quilt I am making for a customer.  There was a separate bag containing T shirts for the her son.
I told myself that I wasn't going to open the box right away as I was already working on two quilts but the temptation was too much.  It was so much fun sorting through the contents and deciding how each would be used.  And then the cutting began.  Not by me though.  My visitor volunteered to get started and we decided that 9 inch squares would be good.  She has been doing an excellent job.  Some squares include a pocket, others a section from a button closed front, lace, sequins and other adornments are on other pieces.  I am really going to enjoy sewing them together.
A number of sweaters have been included and I think I will back them with iron on interfacing and serge around the edges of the pieces I use.  I am hoping that will keep everything from unravelling.
Tomorrow, hubby is taking us on a drive north to see if more of the trees have changed colour in that area.  My friend is returning home a week from today.  I am going to miss her.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mini Chickens and Blog Contest

I have been able to spend the afternoon quilting and would have got another charity quilt done but didn't precheck my tension and it was out.  Decided to leave it for a bit and work on finishing a customers quilt top.
Our little bantam chickens have finally settled into being part of the flock.  We had been having a lot of problems with the little female. She would not going into the coop at night.  The male trotted in with the rest but she wanted to show her independence.  We would have to come back out later when she was ready.  Tonight, she was one of the first in and didn't show any inclination of slipping back outside.
We had some stale cobs of corn given to us today so broke them up and tossed them outside for the flock.  It was so funny watching the regular size birds foraging with the two tiny ones zipping around them.  I must try and take a photo.
This is the last chance for you to enter your name for a blog hop prize.  Go to the blog and follow the their rules.  Mine draw has taken place.
If you have children, I hope their first day back was fun for them and restful for you.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Fair Day Prizes

I did quite well at the fair.  I have some photos to share.  You have seen the quilts so just took pictures of some of the other items.  Before I do that, however, this is the address of where you can get the elephant pattern for those interested:  abby glassenberg design.  Can be purchased at
 This kitty wall hanging wasn't a fair entry but wanted to share it anyway.  It was made by my friend who is visiting.  I helped design the pattern.  Didn't she do a wonderful job?
 My doll outfit earned a first prize ribbon.  I really enjoy making clothes for this doll as it is an easy size.

 My coaster only got a 3rd prize ribbon but I still really like them.
And my placemats also got a first.  I got 6 firsts, 2 seconds, 1 third and one item that didn't get anything.  I was especially pleased that my chili sauce got a red ribbon.  I will try and find photos of the quilts and post them just so you can see which ones they were.  Am I being narcistic thinking anyone cares?  I often think about that but assume that if a person isn't interested, they will just stop reading and delete.

I forgot to mention that my elephant also got a first.

All in all a good day and now I can relax for another year.
Hope everyone has arrived safely home after the long weekend,