Friday, May 29, 2015

Small Problems

It is getting a lot easier to stay inside now and quilt.  The mosquitoes have arrived and there are so many of them, I saw a group carry off a starling!
Last night, as I was coming home from Huntsville, and left the highway, I had to keep putting on my windshield washer I could remove the bug crud.  I am sure there were other small flying creatures beside the mosquitoes but they were in the majority.
I have been working on a new quilt from a Missouri Star video.  It is very quick and is basically five inch squares.  My plan had been to quilt a top but my machine keeps arguing with me and I don't have the patience to solve the problem that is causing the thread to keep breaking.  I will change the needle and, if that doesn't work, the thread.  If neither of those things are the solution, I will have to check for burs on the throat plate (am pretty sure it isn't that) or bits of thread caught somewhere. Usually one of those items are what causes most problems.
While both the bugs and malfunctioning machine is an irritation, they are nothing compared to what is happening in other areas of this country and the U.S.  This is the time of year when forest fires are such a problem in the northern parts of Canada.  Some have been started by lightning but the majority by human carelessness. One individual who believes he has the right to have a campfire despite all warnings can be deadly for all living beings human and otherwise, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight and devastate forests and personal belongings.
On the other end of the disaster scale is the floods in Texas.  Homes, roads and fields have been washed away.  People have drowned.  A dreadful situation which will take many months to overcome.
So, broken thread or flying insects are little to complain about.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teddy Bear Garden-Commissioned Quilt

Here is a photo of the commissioned quilt that I made.  I used a panel, added some border rows and machine quilted it.  I wanted to use the backing as a self binding but it was a bit short on the one side.  I trimmed it back, added a red strip and then the white backing fabric.  I think it adds a bit of zip to what would otherwise be a plain back.  The label was done on white with a red border.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Fran who won the book draw.  If you will send me your mailing address, Fran, I will get the book out to you.
If you didn't win, stay tune as I will be having other draws in the future.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A LIttle Brown Bird

We have had a little brown bird sticking close to the house for the past week.  At first, we thought it had been injured, and we still aren't sure if that isn't the case, but it is flying.  We have a niger feeder and a nearby water dish and he/she is staying close to them.  I thought it might be a song sparrow, then a Lincoln sparrow but a man on Facebook thought it was a pine siskin.  All of those birds look somewhat the same and my book says they like to be in groups.  This little one is a loner which is, I believe, unusual.  Of course, I don't claim to be an authority on birds so I could be completely wrong.
If you have any suggestions, I would like to here them.

I was planning on finishing my baby quilt on the frame machine but gave up in frustration.  Nothing went right.  I decided to finish it on my table machine.  Won't be as fancy but it will be done.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Aussie Twin

Apparently, my company has a twin in Australia.  Quite by accident, I found a company there with the same name as mine although with a different bit after the dot.  I am dot net and they are dot  These two ladies have a nice store on Etsy and, especially if you are in the area, you might like to check it out. (arkangelcreations14)
We decided it was easier to coexist than worry about the duplication.
Just a reminder that I am giving away a booklet.  Check out yesterday's post for the details.
We have a large community event in our village on Sat. and I have been working on getting a few extra things in the Art Centre to sell.  I will be post a like to the Centre's site as soon as I get it operational.  Right now, it is a work in progress.
Looks as though we might be getting some rain.  It is quite overcast.
Hope to see your name popping up as someone who wants the little book.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Win a Great Booklet

I love how quilters react so quickly to a need.  It doesn't matter if it is an individual or a group the response is the same; what can I do to help.  A relative of a woman who belongs to my on line group lost home and possessions in a house fire and, when the news was shared, the reaction was immediate.  Pillowcases are going to be made by a member who lives close by and will be taken to the lady and her children.  As they are currently moving from  place to place, having a small possession of their own to take with them will mean a lot.
I would like to celebrate the generosity of quilters by giving away a little booklet.  It is called No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas by Landauer Publishing.  It is a little purse size book with 36 pages of information on everything a quilter needs to know to enlarge blocks,  what size to cut fabric to make a specific half square triangle etc.
If you would like to have your name entered for a chance to win, send me a comment and don't forget to include your first and last name.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Rushed Quilt

I have got quite a bit of quilting done today.  I have almost finished the quilt that was on my frame.  I have had to take it from the frame to remove some stitching and then need to turn it the opposite way so I can finish the one end.  It was starting to get to thick to be able to do the rows properly. 
I also got started on a rush baby quilt.  Mom is due in less than two weeks and the gifter would like it for them although a bit later would be alright.  Fortunately, I had a panel on hand that will do so just add a few border rows and it will be ready for quilting.  I usually like to quilt these tops by hand but there won't be any time to do that.

I only had a bit more quilting to do on my bear applique quilt (this one is being done by hand) and then I can get the binding done.

We had one of our rare sunsets last night.  We don't often see them here because of the trees but, once in a while one gets high enough to be visible.


Friday, May 15, 2015

We Are Already Here.

If you live in Canada you are enjoying a holiday weekend starting today.  If you live in an area that is a tourism destination, you are probably waiting for the weekend to be over.
The northbound traffic started on  Highway 400 early today and by the afternoon it  extended well into the other major routes including 11 which goes past our village.  It will be bumper to bumper throughout the evening and then start again in the morning as people make their way to cottages and campgrounds.  Even when I lived in urban areas, I was never part of this mass exodus.  If I did go away, it was somewhere against the flow but, usually, like this weekend, I preferred staying home.  This is particularly true now.  We are already at the place that thousands are trying to reach.  We will be here enjoying the peace and quiet, the water, the scenery and the fresh air just as we do every day.
We don't have to fight traffic, fill our gas tanks with fuel that has to be purchased at inflated long weekend rates,  risk our lives when those who are impatient, impaired or just self centered create dangerous situations. And, we don't have to turn around and do the reverse trip just a couple of days later.  I can understand why others do it but glad I don't have to.  I am already here.
Tomorrow, we will go into the village to pick up the mail and get something from the hardware store that I forgot to do today.  A neighbour is having a yard sale we will check out and that will be that.
I did get the quilting done on my bear appliqued quilt today and am now working on finished the binding.  I hope to get most of the quilt that is on my frame finished before Monday.
If you are one of the many who are on the roads, please be careful.  Trying to be somewhere a minute before someone else is not worth the very likely change you will be in a collision.
Happy Victoria Day Weekend,

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I seem to have an 'every other day' allergy.  Yesterday, I felt so terrible I spent most of it laying down, today, however, I have been shopping and don't feel quite as bad.  I did talk to my pharmacist to make sure my self diagnosis was correct.  I didn't want to be taking something for allergies if I had a cold.  The good news is that I am good at diagnosing.  The bad news is that it is too late to take anything.  Any medication needs to be taken before the symptoms start.  So, I guess I just keep on doing what I am which includes something to ensure I get a good nights sleep.
We had a frost last night which, despite being covered, touched the tomatoes.  They still should be alright. though. 
Haven't done anything quilty today as shopping took us until mid afternoon.  Then everything had to be put away, tea made and drunk and here we are almost at supper time.  Perhaps I will be able to get the quilting finished on the bear quilt tonight.
We have a long holiday weekend here in Canada so the village will be busy.  I will be going in to get the mail tomorrow and then will stay home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yellow Bird

I am feeling a bit better today but in the morning and by late afternoon all I want to do is sleep.  I managed to get most of the top stitching on the little bear quilt today.  I have the area around the bear to finish and then I can get it bound.  I want to get it finished so I can have it in the shop to sell for the long weekend.

This is the handsome fellow who, with his wife, have been visiting our feeder.  I took it through our living room window so it isn't as clear as it could be.  Need to get my spring cleaning done.

Off to make a hot drink, wash television a few minutes  and to bed.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Monday Post

Well, here it is a Monday and I am writing a post.  I only went to quilt group for a couple of hours this morning as I haven't been feeling well.  I am not sure if I have a cold or allergies or both.  I suspect the latter.  In any case, I didn't want to spread anything around and I don't have a great deal of energy.  So, here I am at home doing a little of this and that. 
I finished my bear top and will get that quilted and bound as soon as I decide what pattern I want to use for the top stitching.  I have also just finished machine sewing the binding on a wall hanging and will do the hand sewing while watching television.
We had to start the wood fire today as the temperature dropped down a bit.  It isn't really cold but as it is raining, it feels damp.  We need the rain so glad we are getting the nice steady, light one. 
We planted some high bush cranberry plants  on the weekend so are looking forward to seeing if they take and produce.
Hope everyone had a nice mother's day.  I got a phone call from number 2 son who lives in Alberta.  He is my oldest stepson so I am always pleased that he takes the time to think of me. We have been blessed by not having any problems from our blended families.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Will They Grow?

 I finished the binding on this quilt while watching the morning news.  It is 36 inches square and is designed to be either a table topper or a baby quilt.  The second photo gives a better idea of the colours and shows the quilting in the border.  The pink colour is more an old English rose shade but the others are accurate.  That isn't a thread on the left side but the thread holder from my serger.  I got lazy and didn't move things before taking the photo.
I almost have the pieced border of the bear quilt done.  That will go to the store that sells my products.  The quilt in the photo will probably end up at our local art centre.
Can you stand another day of me talking about how perfect the weather is?  I am expecting the bugs to be making their presence known any day now as they are starting to fly around but not bite.  I planted some annual flower seeds today that promise to grow anywhere and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  I don't do well with flower seeds so will see what happens.

I was just outside and the wind blew our big sun umbrella over and it cracked down on my head.  I've got a headache now so think I will lay down before supper.  My hubby is preparing the meal today so I can relax.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Redpolls aren't Common

We had a lovely pair of redpolls in our bird feeder this afternoon.  The proper name is Common Redpoll but the males lovely red crown and rosy breast looked more special than common to me.  They stayed there for quite a while feasting on the niger seeds and then departed to, I suspect, continue nest building work.
The trees along the driveway are sprouting leaves and there is a lot of green showing up amongst the maple treetops.  Our weather continues to be unseasonably warm and still, thank you Lord, bug free.  The trilliums are now in bloom and that usually is a forerunner to the blackflies but not yet.  So far.  Each day without them is a gift.
I am working on the bear quilt that I posted yesterday, adding the borders.  I want this to be a really colourful quilt so the borders are red and blue alternating squares.  There will be plain strips between the block borders to rest the eyes
I will post a photo when it is done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bearish Fun

Bear Applique

I just finished this bear applique last night and it will be the centre block in a baby quilt.  He was a fun little fellow to do.  I am offering the pattern for the bear as a freebie to anyone who purchases one of my patterns on Craftsy.  Link on the right side of the page at Patterns for Sale

Today I finished sewing the binding onto a mini quilt and only have the hand stitching to do and another project will be finished.  I have two more tops ready to go onto my long arm frame so, despite the fact that I feel I am not getting anything done, I am.

Our temperature has cooled down a bit so I feel more inclined to stay inside and work.  I only have a little more of our garden to plant and will get that done this week.  I can't remember when I had all the planting done so early before.
Hope you are also getting a lovely spring although I know that those of you who live in Eastern Canada are still waiting for the snow to disappear.

Friday, May 1, 2015


The weather continues to be phenomenal.  It is 21C today which is more like what we get nearer the end of May.  It is hard not to start planting my garden, get out summer clothes and assume that we won't get any more cold weather.  However, I have lived long enough to know we could get snow again. I am going to just enjoy each day which is always the best way to live.
I was a demonstrator at a Family Fun Art Fair last night.  I use the word demonstrator to describe my purpose rather than what I was able to do.  There was a circle of bongo type drums set in the middle of the room with two men playing them continuously.  They were, naturally (and as was the purpose) joined by children.  The noise was incredible to my sensitive ears.  I always carry ear plugs and I used them.  Of course, it was impossible to talk to anyone who might have been interested in quilting.
Despite that, it was a fun evening as I really enjoyed watching the young children and parents interacting.  My contact with children and young adults is minimal and I do miss seeing them be themselves.
Tomorrow, I have a craft sale to attend.  The weather will be good so I am hoping it will bring in a good crowd.
Have a wonderful weekend.