Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Planting Time

I am getting ready for a craft sale on Saturday.  I am making some snap bags, chicken pin cushions and a few other things.  I usually feel these events are time wasters as you sit there for a whole day after getting up and out of the house much earlier than you would like.  You may cover the cost of your table rental and a few dollars extra if you happen to take things that people want.
Most of the time, however, you visit with the other vendors.  Customer's especially in a small community (and often in big ones) are few and far between.  Most attendees are browsers.
I am taking part in this one because it has been organized by a friend and I wanted to help offset her costs.  She has done a lot of advertising so I hope it will be a successful event.  the weather is predicted to be nice so that is a plus. 
I am itching to get into my garden and start planting.  My husband is going to get everything ready for me for next week and I can start planting some of the root veggies.
Timing is critical in this area.  You can't start too early in case of a late frost; too late and you are into black fly season.  Everyone thinks they little critters will arrive early this year.  Hope they also leave as quickly.
Here is another photo from the North Bay quilt show.

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