Friday, May 24, 2013

Poor Hummer

It certainly has been a cold, wet spring, hasn't it?  Our temperature dropped to zero yesterday evening and we had light snow flurries.  Roger noticed this tiny male hummingbird sitting on the feeder outside one of our windows.  It stayed there for a long time just moving its little head slowly from side to side.  I was really afraid it would freeze to death.  I would have opened the window to let some of the warmth out but was afraid the movement would scare it away. 
It was gone when I check before going to bed and I was sure it had fallen to the ground.  However, this morning, Roger told me that it was back.
Little Hummer

The photo isn't very clear as I took it through the window and at an angle as I didn't want to startle it.
I loaded a new quilt onto my frame last night.  I am going to quilt it in a simple leaf pattern.  But, before I do anything else today, I have to get a quilt photo uploaded to the Quilts for Sale site and take care of the bits and pieces involved with that.

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