Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I had to go to Huntsville today for my bone density test.  It was just a check up, no previous problems.  While I was in the town, I dropped in to the local quilt store to pick us a marking pencil for a couple of the ladies in our quilt group.  I also took the opportunity to show them a couple of patterns to see if they might be interested in carrying them.  They really liked the one.  I got an order for ten patterns and a request to teach it as a course. Yay. 
Small steps but going in the correct direction.
Tomorrow, we are heading south to pick up a foot for my frame machine and will be stopping in Orillia to visit my Mom-in-law on the way back.  I will also stop in at the quilt store to see if they too would  be interested in my patterns.
I have got my quilts (singular, at the moment) on the Quilts for Sale web site.  There is a link on the right side of this page.
The black flies are dreadful.  I saw a group of them carrying off a small animal yesterday.  Just joking, of course, but they are thick. Once it really warms up, they will be gone.  In the meantime, we get everything done early and then stay in. Or, go for a drive somewhere.  My husband is feeling housebound and is anxious to get at his work.

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