Thursday, May 16, 2013

Neck Problems

I had a disturbing call today.  There was a message on my credit card  on line account asking me to call them.  When I did, it was to find out that there was a couple of fraudulent charges.  They hadn't paid them for which I was thankful.  I deal with Capitol One at the Bank of Montreal and I highly recommend them for security.  I have my account set up so I am notified if there are any purchases over a certain amount.  I always know what is happening with my balance, purchases and payments.

I recently came across a couple of links you may find interesting.  They are both quilt related and very well done.  the first is from Generations Quilt patterns. Her video link is:  
The Crafty Gemini also has a really good video:

It appears that we are going to have a good weekend for weather so I am planning on getting the last of my garden in.  I picked up a couple packs of broccoli and have more beet and cucumber seeds to get in.  I am a little reluctant to plant the tomatoes just yet.  I think I will give them until the end of the week.
I wasn't able to do any sewing on my frame today as my neck was too sore.  Sometimes it is bad enough that I can barely turn it.  This is a result of having my car rear ended seven years ago.  My lawyer is still trying to get me a reasonable settlement.
I think the frame sewing bothers me because I have my head tilted to one side so I can watch the laser.  Probably need to have the table higher but won't be able to do that until I get the new base.

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