Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh, No!

I finished writing up the runner pattern yesterday and will be taking it to the quilt store in Huntsville on Tuesday along with the other pattern to see if they would like to carry it.
The runner is foundation pieced and I have included a lot of 'how to' photos.  I am going to be using them as part of a tutorial on my web site.
Today, as usual with Thursday, is baking day.  I have to go to a lunch meeting so am trying to fit everything around that.  I am hoping the bread co-operates and I can get it into the pans before I leave.
I discovered something unusual last night.  My husband and I are both avid readers (although my time is limited) but I didn't realize that our little dog had been learning from us.
What Did That Say?

Oh, no! the price of dog food is going up.  I hope I don't have to take on another job.
I will have to be careful when leaving reading material around.  I wouldn't want her to think she could drive a car next.

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