Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Victoria Day Weekend

Another day is slipping past.  I hope all that were celebrating a long weekend had a safe and happy time.  We ended yesterday with a thunderstorm and our hydro went out briefly during the night.  We continued to get heavy rainfall throughout the day but not as bad as in some areas.
We had company for the weekend and had an enjoyable visit with them.  On Saturday, the four of us plus Heidi went for a drive to see the areas where my husband's father's family lived.  The weather was lovely although the black flies prevented us from spend more than a few quick minutes outside.  We made a few stops to take photos as Roger's uncle is an accomplished artist.
I have managed to still keep my quilt room tidy.  The task has been made easier by me spending most of my time on the computer rather than the sewing machine.  I have been getting the last pattern ready to sell in the quilt stores.

These are two of the photos I took. It was hard to get a good image because of the sun angle.  I may go back and redo a couple of them.
Tree by the Falls                               



Abandoned House by a Stream


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