Saturday, May 18, 2013

Victoria Day Saturday

Happy Victoria Day Weekend.  The weather is lovely and the bugs not too voracious.  We are expecting company tomorrow for a couple of days so I am making a huge stew.  I have planted some more tomatoes and broccoli, done the laundry and done a bit of writing.
My husband and I went into the village after lunch and wandered around for a bit.  For some reason, it seems as thought we rarely have time to window shop in our nearest community.  To be perfectly honest, I rarely window shop anywhere except on line.  Don't have the patience for it.
This photo is a reminder of what we so recently were experiencing.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Lovely pictures! have fun with your company I love stew

    1. Stew is a comfort food like macaroni and cheese (made from scratch). I think it reminds us of a times we probably didn't experience-wood stoves, mitts drying by the fire etc.
      Thanks for commenting.