Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fabric and More Fabric

I have just finished sorting through the last load of donated fabric and quilting stuff.  If anyone lives near me-or wants to go for a drive, I am giving away what I don't want!
There are some old cardboard templates that are used for marking a quilt before stitching in amongst the stuff.
We had a nice day shopping.  I picked up the foot for my machine, got it installed and tested-at least until the bobbin thread ran out. Although rain was predicted, we didn't get any for which I am thankful.  Not pleasant being in and out of the car when it is pouring.  Nor is it nice driving in an unfamiliar area when the conditions aren't good.
As always, we were glad to be home and are now enjoying a quiet evening.  Little Heidi stayed with my husband's sister and mother while we shopped.  She really loves her 'grandmother' but was still overjoyed when we came back for her. 
Tomorrow baking and more work on the quilt top.  I should be able to get it finished and ready for the binding by the end of the day.

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