Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aprons and Presser Feet.

Well, here we are almost at 8 o'clock and I just realized I hadn't posted anything yet.  I have been making aprons today.  There was a white sheet in good condition amongst the fabric donation I had and, as it wasn't a size I could use, I decided the church could use some aprons.
The men made the women brunch on Sunday and one of them got something on his shirts.  I spilled chili on my jacket a while ago so I think aprons will help. With the help of my serger, they can be made quite quickly.
I have also done some work on the quilt I have on the frame.  I am really out of practice but I am keeping the speed down and am gradually getting into the rhythm again.
My studio is still nice and tidy and I am hoping that if I can get into the habit of putting things away, I will keep it like this.  It is much nicer to be able to not only find things but also have lots of room on my cutting board.  Previously, it was piled high with fabric, half started projects and other flotsam which I pushed to one side when I needed to cut something.  Rather silly to try and squeeze a few inches to cut a huge piece of fabric when you have a nice large mat and table designed for the purpose.

I ordered a presser foot for my Juki today.  Mine broke last year and I have been waiting ever since for a store to order another one.  I called different place and it should be in in a week.  A cost a lot of money which I debated spending but the foot I have been using doesn't fit right and I can't use it for ruler work.  Hope I sell a bunch of books and patterns to offset the cost.
We have had a few days of cool weather but the forecast seems to be for more seasonable temperatures.  I have some strawberry plants to get into the ground.  Our apple trees have a lot of buds so we are hoping for a good crop from them this year.  We had one lone apple last year.

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