Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Higher Number of Calls

I was planning on getting quite a bit of work done on my second book today.  I went for my walk, had breakfast and watched the news so all the routine stuff was finished.  Just as I sat down at the computer, the hydro went out.  Rats!
I had a book that I picked up at the library yesterday so sat down to read it for a bit.  After a half hour or so, I decided to phone to see if the company had an estimate as to when our power would be restored.  I always get a kick out of their voice mail message.  Keep in mind that I am calling a special number to report a power outage, this is the beginning of the message: "we are experiencing a higher number of calls than usual from your calling area and are checking to find the cause."
Duh, might it be because there is an outage.
The power is, obviously, back on but as it is almost lunch time, I will work on the frame quilt for a bit and then, after lunch try to get back to the book.
I have been thinking about hooking up my web cam to do some video tutorials but the picture quality isn't that good with it.  I do have video on my camera so could get my husband to hold it but, I think that a small tripod would be a better idea.  Something else on which to spend my money.  I should be able to get one second hand so will keep my eye open.  It would be good for my still photos as well because when I am using the telephoto lens it is hard to keep my hand steady.

The trillium's are in bloom.  We have purple ones on and around the property.  There were quite a few along the edge of the road where we walk.  Lovely.

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