Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Chicken Dance

Gnomes and Chickens

It is another lovely day here in the back woods.  I went for a walk to the pond, chased a crazy woodpecker from a wooden bird house and gave some greens to the chickens. This silly bird has beaten the roof of the house to Swiss cheese and seems bent on doing the same to the rest of the structure.  It must be related to the robin that is attacking my car windows and leaving white streaks all over the doors.  I am going to have to drape something over the windows until it loses interest.
We will be getting ready for church soon.  Right now we are sitting in the sun room drinking our coffee.  Husband is ready the paper, I, obviously, am at the computer and Heidi the dog is hoping she can jump up on Roger's lap.
roger has moved the chickens since I took this pictures and they are now on the top railing rather than doing the chicken dance in mid air.
Have a blessed Sunday.

(I just went out and took another photo so you could see the chickens.  Can you see the other little gnome peeking from behind the stump on the right side?)


  1. I love your gnomes!! Did you get from your local area?

    1. Bless your heart. No, my husband made them. He is quite creative but doesn't work at his creations as much as he should. too buy cutting wood to keep me warm.