Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Support Your Library

Whew, I need a break.  I have been busy since I got up this morning: walk the dog, make bread, put up 2 sets of mini blinds, organize loose papers in quilt room.  I am in the process of doing the latter and have, so far, eliminated what I don't want.  The hardest part is deciding what should go where.  I have the folders that I labelled a while ago (and had forgotten) so they will hold the bits and pieces.
Once I get this done, I have a pile of fabric on my sewing table that needs sorting and then I will be finished. I gave away some books and scrap fabrics to the quilt group and our local library yesterday.
If you have quilt books that you don't need, consider giving them to your library.  If they don't have room on their shelves, most libraries have book sales and your donation could be used to raise funds that enable them to buy more books and put on programs.  Most libraries are underfunded.  They are such a tremendous resource and I always do what I can to support them.
It feels close today.  It isn't humid but feels as though it should be.  Although the sun is shining, it, nevertheless, seems like it is going to rain.  Sounds dreary doesn't it?

I got some of the garden planted this morning.  A couple of lettuce varieties and a row of beets are in one of the raised gardens.  Tomorrow, I will do some more beets as well as cucumbers, spinach and potatoes.  I want to put broccoli plants in the other raised garden as well as a ton of tomatoes but am going to wait until closer to the end of this month to make sure we don't get a surprise frost. We have to do outdoor work in short burst now as the dreaded black flies have arrived.

I don't seem to be doing much actually quilting this week other than putting the finishing touches on my chicken appliques.  I  have one more of them to do and I can put together the blocks.  I have a couple of tops that need to be quilted soon as well. Should be able to start them next week.

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