Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Contest

Wow, what a response to my ad in the paper announcing my fabric giveaway.  I had phone calls and e mails galore.  A local lady (we have a mutual friend which is normal in this area) arrived and took the majority of the boxes.  It is going to a lady who will use it for a charity.  I do have some left that I want to take to the quilt group to go through and then it will be going out the door.  It is nice to know that someone can use all the material that I can't.  I am sure the original owner would be pleased also.
I had an odd thing happen yesterday.  I was just finishing up writing a pattern and wanted to include a tutorial.  I had forgotten the formula for the procedure and, rather than go through my stuff, I did a Google search.  When I clicked on one of the replies, my blog page appeared!  I went back and looked at the link and, sure enough, it was my own!
My page didn't have the info I wanted but it is nice to know that my blog and web site get used often enough to be on the first reply page of a search.

I think it is about time I had another contest and give away.
To enter: post a comment telling me what you like about the blog and what you would like to see: more free patterns, more stories about the back woods etc.
The winner will receive a free copy of my book or, if they already have it, a copy of one of my patterns.
Contest closes on June 15th.  Good luck


  1. Morning Anna...what I love about your blog is it is my connection to the 'back woods', for the first time in about ever I live in town, on a city lot, no bush, no lake front, no quiet...I get a bit of that back by reading your blog!

  2. Love everything -- the comments ,the pictures and of course your quilts. Keep up the good work. I would love to win a copy of your book.


  3. Oh...I better remember to add what I want changed or added...lets see....I think a recipe or two for what is in season in your know like a maple one, a garden one... would make a nice addition!

    1. Deb, you have won the contest. Would you get in touch with me.