Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Surprise

Yes, I know today is Monday and I don't usually post on the beginning of the week but, our quilt day was changed to Tuesday, so, here I am. I got out early this morning and took the dog for a walk before breakfast and before the heat settled in.  I probably should have had a bit of something before setting out but I have to wait half an hour after taking my thyroid pill before I can eat so off I went.  I usually take it just before getting up so it does post a bit of a problem.  I think I will get some juice and have a glass of it before setting out next time.
Poor Heidi is feeling a bit confused over the change in routine.  She has been laying around on a chair in the sun room since we got back.  She hasn't even ate her food yet.
I have got quite a bit of things done already.  I started some yogurt and it is sitting in a warm window thickening.  I also did some maple fudge but it hasn't set.  I think it is going to be maple frosting which means I will have to make a cake.  Or maybe I can buy an unfrosted carrot cake.
I've gathered together the totes that contained our outdoor ornaments-gnomes and bird feeders.  I have given the hummingbird feeders another good cleaning and have filled and hung up two.  My neighbour told me that he has seen the little creatures around their feeder so thought I should get busy and set up ours.
It is almost lunch time.  After I eat, I am going to spend the rest of the day finishing up my studio organizing.  I have a quilt top I want to get on the frame and quilted.  I am writing up the pattern for this one so it can be sold in our local quilt store as well as others between here and Orillia.
I have ordered the special bags and they should be here soon
I am hoping to get our vegetable garden planted or at least some of it as it appears the black flies are arriving.  I am just waiting for my husband to get the soil tilled.  I am trying not to nag.  Really I am.


  1. I saw a hummer this morning over here in the Ottawa Valley. I got my feeders in to soak yesterday so I'd better get them rinsed and ready.

    1. They are such amazing little birds it is worth the effort to attract them. Do you have trouble with ants getting in your feeders?