Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Completed List

I made a list of things to get done today and have completed all but one thing.  It makes me feel as though I have had a worthwhile day when that happens.  Even if I only put one thing on the list and get it done, I'm happy.
I have couple of ladies over looking at the fabric that was given to me.  They are taking what they can use.  I am sure I will still have two of three boxes left.  It seems a shame to think that a person who might need it won't know I have it. However, I can't keep it forever.
I have signed up to sell my completed quilts on the Quilts for Sale website.  They are another thing that need to find a home and there aren't any markets here.  The on line site is well run, organized and promoted so it is well worth the small commission it charges.
I finished the quilt that was on my frame and now I have another to get ready to be loaded.  I am really looking forward to getting this next one completed.  I think it is going to be one of my favourite patterns. Here is a sneak peak of the pattern.
The Back Woods Quilter Pattern

I have made it in red, black, pale mauve and a light blue.  The light colours give it a dimensional look. I will post the completed quilt once it is quilted.  Haven't decided what stitch pattern to use yet.

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