Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Appliqued Birds

Whew, I'm tired.  Just got back from doing a big shopping.  I was going to buy myself another cell phone as mine is pretty old.  However, if I did that, would also have had to get new chargers for house and car so I decided it wasn't worth it.  Mine works fine and I hardly use it anyway.  I was interested in getting one with a camera so if I saw something I wanted to capture, I would be able to do so.  I think I will just look for a small, cheap digital that I can keep in my purse.
Quilt from the North Bay Quilt Show

Isn't this a beautiful quilt.  I have paper pieced birds but not done any in applique.  One of the ladies in quilt group brought a book on Monday that I am going to order as it is all appliqued birds.  Who knows I may get all my 'likes' done while I can still hold a needle.

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