Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gnomes in the Garden, Raccoons in the Coop

Folk Art Gnomes
We had a raccoon in the fenced in hen yard last night.  My husband heard a sound and looked out my quilt room window and saw the critter in there eating the left over corn.  It heard the window open and got in a panic trying to find its way through the fence.  It finally figured it out but my husband went out this morning and did some repair work to prevent future visits.  We don't mind it eating the excess stuff but are afraid the next step is bringing in its family and then finding a way into the coop and the eggs.
If the problem persists, we might have to live trap and move it/them.  We try to let the animals continue to exist in the area that has always been their home but we expect them to allow the human newcomers to live as well.
I found a place for the gnomes, as you can see.  I think they look nice perched among the rocks.  They even have their own flower garden.  There is a small worker gnome in the area so they will be looked after in their latter years.
The fundraiser bags are almost finished.  I am sewing the ribbons on this morning while I make bread.  It is nice and cool again so I am doing that while my husband cuts the grass and gets some of the other chores done.  We still don't have any rain though and it is really needed.
Another installment of the Scrappy quilt as you go tomorrow.

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