Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Blankie for Heidi?

It is a bit cooler today but it sure was hot for the long weekend.  The air conditioning wasn't on in the hall were our quilt group meets so, by mid afternoon, we were ready to pack up.  It was getting hard to see with our glasses fogging up.  There was a new volunteer working and she did know where all the buttons and switches were so I am sure everything will be working fine for next week.
I was working on some blocks that I have assembled and taken apart 3 times.  I just didn't like the pattern.  I have finally given in and gone back to the least offensive.  I am sure the dog will appreciate having a new blankie to lay on when it is finished.
Life is like that sometimes, isn't it?  There are times when everything looks wonderful and even the most intricate pattern almost assembles itself.  Then there are the days when even walking is a challenge.
I didn't get a lot of sleep last night as our little dog was sick just as we were going to bed.  She got up a number of times through the night and I followed to comfort her and clean up the mess.  When she was sleeping, I had to keep checking to make sure that she was still breathing.  She is fine today, I have spot cleaned the carpet (they always use the carpet, don't they) and all is right with the world.
During my wakeful times last night, I was thinking about a quilt that I want to make for a wedding present.  I know the colours I am going to use but still haven't decided on a pattern. Something over all like nine patch rather than the maple leaf is where I am at the moment but will probably change my mind.
I should be making bread today while it is cooler but it is too late now.  Maybe I will cheat and do a loaf in the machine.
Don't forget to watch for the next step in the quilt as you go scrappy pattern. 

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