Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scrappy Quilt As You Go

Here are the first steps for this quilt.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Next step will be posted in a week.

Scrappy Quilt as You Go

Supplies for 45 X 60 quilt

Backing and Batting-55” X 65”

Used dryer sheets-optional

Strips: 2” X 14”

 1 yard fabric for sashing and binding

1/2 yard fabric for border.

Step One

Cut (2) strips from the batting 12” wide by width of batting (55”)

Cut (5) strips 9” wide by width of batting

Sub cut: (4) 12” X 12’ squares from one of the 12” wide strips of batting.

Cut (16) 12” X 9” squares from the remaining 12” wide batting strips

Sub cut the 9” wide batting strips into (15) 9” X 9” squares

Step Two

Using a rule, draw a line 3” from the edge of one of the 12” X 12” blocks.

Draw another line 3” from an adjoining edge.

Repeat with the other (3) 12” X 12” squares

Using a ruler, draw a line 3” from the top of one edge on a 12” X 9” square.

Repeat for remaining squares of same size.


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