Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Always Something to Do

Our chicken flock are adjusting to the additions.  At first, there was a lot of squabbling with one of the original hens picking on all the news ones much like a school yard bully.  The new hens are the same size as the other but that didn't seem to matter.
My husband has had to intervene a couple of times to make sure the newbies are getting enough to eat and drink.  I suggested setting up a system in the coop where he could show a video on the nonacceptance of bullying and perhaps follow it with a photo of a roast chicken!
We have planted the last of our garden.  Now that black fly season has arrived, we try to get outside and do our work early in the morning.  By early, I mean before nine a.m.  I was out this morning planting a tomato and heard my neighbour.  I yelled over a greeting and she said she is trying to get her jobs done early as well. 
I have almost finished quilting another project.  Just a couple more rows to do and then the border.  This, like the last quilt I finished, is another version of a previous project.  Both have been selling quite well on Craftsy (www.craftsy.com) so I thought I would offer an alternative colour and layout.
I also have to replace a jacket zipper for a friend and get some donations finished for a fundraiser.  Good thing I am retired.

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