Friday, May 4, 2012

Real or ??

Sunset After the Storm
Sometimes it seems as through life is imitating art rather than the other way around.  We had a thunderstorm yesterday evening around 6.30.  It didn't last long and, when it was over, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw a sunset.  Because of our homes position and all the trees around us, we don't often get to see much of the evenings colour so went out to take a look.  Then I went back to get my camera.
It may look as though this photo isn't real but this is exactly what I saw.   I took the photo through the trees so you are looking at a lot of little branches but you can still see the colour.  The blue was the darkest I can remember seeing and the red started with a faint tinge and went up to the deep shade you can see on the left.  An amazing sight.
I have been working all morning on designing a pattern so after lunch went for a run down to the pond with the dog.  While we were there, I heard what I thought was a large group of geese coming in.  Turned out it was two pair.  I am hoping they are nesting as it is a good spot for potential parenting birds.
We left them in peace, jogged back to the house, down the driveway and back again and into the house to catch my breath. 
It seems that every day brings something new here in the backwoods.

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