Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time Wasters

Have you ever checked the time and noticed that the morning has disappeared and you have no idea where it went?  I have just done that.  The morning isn't completely gone but a good portion has and all I have done is had breakfast, watch the news and check my e mail.  The latter activity is the one that takes time.  There are posts to read, videos and photos to view, replies to give and it all takes time; especially when you belong to a lot of groups and have a ton of stuff from other sources as well.
I am not complaining, mind you.
I get antsy when I check my in box and nothing new has come in.
E mail is the equivalent of the 'over the back fence' chat or meeting in the feed store to catch up on local news.  The main difference is that you don't really know most of the people with whom you chat.  However, you feel as though you do and that is probably all that matters.
We had a fire in our area last night.  I saw the flames which covered most of the front yard and had already engulfed the detached garage as I was going into town for a meeting.  It hadn't reached the house but, as the emergency vehicles hadn't arrived, I knew it was going to be close.
I kept an eye out for the trucks as I drove and they did pass me so I felt that they would arrive in time.  When I returned home, the fire was out and the house, thankfully was still standing.  I wanted to share this because as I was driving, I saw a vehicle come up behind me with the hazards lights flashing.  I pulled over to let him pass because I have learnt that this is a volunteer on the way to the station to pick up gear.  I was annoyed however, to see that he got stuck behind a number of other drivers who were totally oblivious to his/her presence.
This person had just left his home, possibly a meal, to risk his well being to help others and was met with inconsideration.  Made me want to shake the other drivers.  I am going to mention this in my newspaper column but, if you or a member of your family is a volunteer firefighter; thank you.  You are appreciated.

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