Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They Are Coming

The black flies are starting to arrive.  We are getting just a few at the moment but they are on their way.  I am glad I have lots of indoor projects to do and we have a number of appointments to go to this month so that will help.
I just picked up a bunch of plants from a friend who was dividing hers and will need to get them in the ground.  I haven't quite decided where they are all going to go but, as they are pretty hardy, I can always move them next year if I change my mind.  One thing about having 10 acres of land is that there is lots of room to do things.  My husband built a nice stone wall to divide our vegetable garden from the rock garden and I think the day lilies will look nice against it.
My goal is to have gardens that will, more or less, look after itself.  I am not big on gardening so my commitment to weeding is somewhat less than what is needed.  I haven't told her yet but I am hoping that when my sister moves  here from England that she will be delighted at having another opportunity to get her hands in the dirt.  I will gladly make tea when she is finished.
I am starting to get the binding sewn on the scrappy quilt I finished.  It took me a while to decide on the fabric for the binding and I finally chose to do it scrappy.  I often sew together all my short left over bits of 2 1/2" wide strips and, when I have enough, use it for binding.  As I do a lot of scrappy quilts, it comes in handy.

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