Friday, May 18, 2012

Peace in the Hen House

All the chickens have adjusted to each other.  The new ones have found their place in the pecking order and the others have quit trying to push them around.  It is funny watching them.  They have a lot of the same character traits as well humans.
I got a lot of odds and ends done the past couple of days.  I had a letter to writer, booklet to critique, etc.  I had been putting them off and fussing about them because they were hanging over my head.  Humans, or at least this one, are funny that way.  It takes more effort fussing than it does to do what we are fussed about.
I still have a zipper to put in a jacket and that is going to be done today.  Honest!
We have planted a lot of tomatoes this year in the hopes of a large crop.  I like making chili sauce and having frozen tomatoes for use in casseroles.  In previous years, we had been the recipient of a friends surplus.  Sadly, she died last year so we are missing her and her generosity.
I have almost finished the quilt that is on my frame and have another ready to go on.  I am gradually getting all my unfinished projects, finished.  Most of my new ones are hand applique so they aren't going to pile up very quickly.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.  They weather is going to be good in this area which will be nice for the campers and cottagers.

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