Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Time in the Backwoods

Our bush is starting to show more green each day.  The majority of it is on the ground with ferns, grass and tiny flowers all making an appearance.  Our purple trillium's are starting to bloom as are some tiny blue flowers.  The trees have the faintest shadow of colour but it is getting more dense each day.  The change is more evident when we go for a drive and can seen a group of trees in the distance.  Here at home, the colour barely shows against the sky and tree bark.
The birds have been busy for quite a while and the feeders are a popular place.  We have a lot of woodpeckers from the smallest to the huge pileated that announce their presence with various levels of drumming. For some time, we had been hearing a particularly loud jackhammer sound and wondered at the size of the woodpecker that was making it.  We finally discovered the source and were amused at the ingenuity of the bird.  We have a small bird house hanging near the chicken coop and one of the smaller woodpeckers had been using it like a drum.  I bet he got the interest of a lot of female birds as well as the envy of the males.
I haven't checked yet to see if he has made any holes in the birdhouse but, even so, I will leave it for him.
I finally finished the quilt I had in the frame.  I took it to quilt group to remove all the threads and today will get the binding ready.  I also will get the next quilt into the frame.  It is just a lap size so it should get done fairly quickly.
My husband will soon be starting the addition to the house so, when that happens, I will have less time for quilting; in the daytime anyway.  I am looking forward to my new larger quilt room which my dear one is designing just for me.  I can't quite imagine what it will be like to have so much more room.  I am truly fortunate.
The latest edition of the Quilt Pattern Magazine (www.quiltpatternmagazine.com) is out and contains some great new patterns as well as my article.  I will have to find some time later to read it.

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