Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taking a Break

I have been working on bags for my sister in laws fundraiser and have stopped for a few minutes to break the tedium.  I am not sure why the repetitiousness of making half a dozen or so bags, each with two handles and a cancer ribbon would be so much more tiring than quilting but it is.  I have the body of the bags finished and am now doing the handles.  There isn't a way to put them on quickly.  Each end has to be done individually; sew around all four sides and add an X for security, clip, do the next one.
Having decent music on the radio helps but it is still mind numbing.
It is quite cool today-comparatively.  I took advantage of it and spot cleaned the carpet and did some of the other jobs that kept getting put off.  Tomorrow, I am going to do some baking.  We have been eating bought bread this week and I am ready for something with some taste.
I also made some pumpkin curry soup for lunch and there is another place where canned tastes so different.  The first time I made this recipe, I used the pumpkin from our garden.  Today, I used the canned stuff and it doesn't even taste like the same recipe.  Must be the processing method that makes the difference.
Enough grumbling.Time to get back at those bags.  I should be done them today so I can get back at my quilting tomorrow. 

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