Friday, May 11, 2012

New Free Quilt Pattern

I have been talking about scrap quilts and quilt as you go quilts with on line quilters this past week and that has given me an idea.  I haven't posted a free pattern, BOM or mystery quilt for a long time so I am going to combine something. Sort of.
Starting next week, I am going to, weekly, post the instruction on how to make a quilt as you go strip quilt.  This will give you a chance to use up some of those scraps, particularly the smaller bits.  If you want to start getting ready, you will be using strips 1 1/2" wide by a maximum of 8".  That is all the advance info for now.  I will give you the first step next week sometime between Tuesday and Friday depending on my schedule.
I am trying to get most of my house work done today as I am going on a fund raising walk for our local food bank tomorrow.  It is warm and sunny and I would like to be outside so hope I can do that a bit later-bugs permitting.

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