Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrappy Quilt As You Go Pattern

Here are the next steps for the Quilt as you Go pattern.-blessings,
Figure 1

Now we are ready to put together the rows.

Cut the sashing:  we are going to use a very narrow sashing to join the blocks so you don’t have a space between without batting.  If you prefer the look of a wider sashing, you have two options:  1-increase your seam width or 2-insert a narrow batting strip on the wrong side of the sashing after it has been sewn to the blocks.

From the sashing fabric, cut (20) strips ¾” wide X 9” long.

Cut ( 8) strips ¾” wide X 12” long

Or, cut (9) strips ¾” wide X WOF and sub cut into needed lengths.

Corner (12”X 12”) Blocks

Sew a sashing strip along one side of the block over the ends of the strips extending into the border edge.  (the border fabric will cover this extra sashing).

Repeat for each of the corner blocks.

See Figure 1


Outside  (12” X 9” ) Blocks

Place one outside block on top of a corner block, right sides together, border at the top, and sew to the other side of the sashing.  This joins the two blocks.

Sew another sashing piece to other side of the joined 9 X 12 block and place another outside block on the previous one, right sides together and sew to the sashing.

Repeat this last step one more time and then add another corner block.

These 5 Blocks complete the first row.

The Second, third and fourth rows, start and end with an outside block. 

Note: For these rows, the border (uncovered edge will be to the side.  The first block in the row will have border to the left and the last blocks will have the border to the right.

Row 5 is the same as row One.

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