Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quilt Completed

    I finished this quilt Sunday evening and was able to take a photo on Monday morning before the sun got too bright.  I intended to hang it on the clothesline because it is too big to do anywhere else.  That should have been a simple task.  Not so.  It was still touching the ground when I got it on the line so I carefully moved it it along to the farthest point, easing it over the raspberry canes.  Went over to the quilt, brushed off the cobwebs and other bits and pieces and found that it still touched the ground.  There was still a bit more space on the line so I grabbed the quilt to -gently- move it but, you guessed it, the pegs came off.  Back up to the stoop, refasten and deal with it there.  I did get some reasonable pictures while trying to ignore the blackflies that were starting to gather on my glasses and other places.
Scrappers Scrappy 2
I am pleased with the quilt and it now has the additional expense of a black fly bite just below my left ear!  Rural life isn't all honey and singing birds!
It is a bit of a dreary day today so I am getting caught up on some housework and then will get this pattern written up and ready to sell.  It will be available on my web page and Craftsy (www.craftsy.com).  I am also going to sell the quilt so that too will be on my web (www.arkangelcreations.org).
My husband saw a hummingbird yesterday so I think I will get a feeder out before doing anything else.

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