Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Addition to the Family

My husband brought home four chicks yesterday. He got the addition to our family from my brother who had more hens than he needed and, as he and my dearie are going to start hatching their own, it was time to downsize.  So, we now have a flock of nine; seven of whom are brown and two whites.  The whites will be going into reirement soon so we need to hire some younger staff to take over.
Roger usually puts the hens into their coop after supper and ours are used the the routine.  The new ones, however, like many a rebellious teen were having none of the early to bed nonesense.  I watched from my quilt window as he tried to herd, cajole and scoop them through the entry way all without success.  He finally left them until nightfall when they were glad to join the rest of the flock.
Now we are going to have to broaden our customer base for eggs. The sale of the of these little gems pay for the feed which means our farm-such as it is, is cost free.
Anyone need eggs?

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