Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I feel like I am running late today although I'm not.  We went out after breakfast to plant some perennials that that been given to me and to get some other outdoor things done.  Then came in for a cup of tea and to watch the news.  We usually do the news after breakfast but leaving it until later means we can get outside while it is still cool and no bugs.  This afternoon we are going into town to buy more plants.  Our gardens seem to be in a 'expansive' mood and getting bigger.  One of the square foot gardens has sprouted a wild strawberry that seems to be doing well so we think we might add a few cultivated ones there and turn it into a berry plot.
These wee Gnomes are my husbands creation.  They are just under three feet tall and he made them from scrap wood.  They will go in an appropriate spot in the bush for the summer.
I finished another chicken block yesterday as well as a Baltimore album.  I do both at the same time as they are perfect antidotes for each other.

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  1. Love the gnomes. Does your husband sell them?