Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Fabric

I have been busy taking advantage of some on line fabric sales.  I've ordered two charm packs from
craftsy .com-80 pieces for 14.00 and then I got some thread and fabric from Connecting threads.
I needed 7 yards of brown for the background of an applique quilt and also got some theme fabric to do little placemats with matching mug mats for a fundraiser.
The temperatures dropped down quite a bit today although it was still too warm.  Late this afternoon, however, a nice cool breeze has made it possible to get outside and plant some petunias and flowering kale.  Even was able to take the dog for a run and I haven't done that for over a week. Too hot. Too many flying bugs. The breeze has taken care of both.

When I was coming back inside, my husband mentioned that our painted turtles had returned. We have two and last year we watched as they laid their eggs. This year, it appears as though they have chosen another, and less sensible spot; right on the driveway. We haven't seen the snapping turtle yet but, unless it didn't make it through the winter, it should be along soon.


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