Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt as you Go-Step 2

My husband  I have just returned home, picked up the dog, gathered the eggs and unpacked our bags from a day away.  We went to Orillia to hear B.B. King and then stayed overnight.  We enjoyed the concert although it is obvious that B.B. is showing his age-at 86, he has earned the right.  I did find the venue led to some irritating behaviour on the part of some of the other attendees.  The event was held at a Casino and, I don't know if this was to blame, but people wandered in half an hour late, some left and then returned.  Our tickets were a gift but if we had had to pay for them I would have been really annoyed as it was difficult to enjoy the entertainment when you had to stand up to let others to and from their seats.
I was able to buy the batik I needed to finish my Baltimore album blocks so that was a plus.
We had a nice time but I am glad to once again be back in my backwoods home.

Here are the next steps for your strippy, quilt as you go, pattern.
Adding the strips:

12” X 12” Blocks

You are going to be sewing the strips onto the batting.  If desired, you can place dryer sheets between the batting and sewing machine bed.

Place first strip diagonally from one corner to another, inside the border of the 12” X 12” strip and pin in place. Place another strip, face down on the first and sew ¼” seam, on one side of the strips, through all layers. Open and press.  Add a third strip face down on second, and stitch. Repeat until you reach a border edge and then add strips to the other side of the first strip.

Repeat with the remaining (3) 12” X 12” blocks.

Note:  Make sure you do not stitch past the 3” border.

If a zigzag pattern is desired, refer to the photo for layout.

12” X 9” blocks

Follow the steps above except you will place the first strip from inside the drawn line to corner edge opposite. Continue adding strips ensuring that they don’t extend beyond the 3”  marked border.

Repeat with the remaining (15) 12” X 9” blocks.

9” X 9” blocks

Place first strip right side up from one corner to the opposite. Pin.   Place second face down on first, sew on one side, open and press.  Continue adding strips on either side of the first until the block is covered.

Repeat for the remaining (14) 9” X 9” blocks. 

Square all the blocks by trimming, if necessary.

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