Friday, January 4, 2019

Uses for Left Over Batting

I am continuing to plug away at getting my stash organized.  I think I will be finished tomorrow.  I am tossing a lot of bits and pieces and putting others aside to be cut into charms and other sizes.  I have enough 5" squares to do half a dozen full sized quilts and that isn't counting the batiks!
I found a bag of fat quarters that I forgot I had and they will be perfect for  a child's quilt commission.  If you use fabric that you rediscovered, does that mean you can say it was free?!  I also found a charm pack which will be great for finishing another customer quilt.  If I hadn't done the sort out, I would have been buying more fabric.  Too bad my labour isn't a tax deduction as well.
I can't remember if I mentioned that I didn't get chosen to be an Island Batik Ambassador this year or not.  This means that the January blog hop will be my last project.  I will miss being part of the group and, of course, the fabrics but I do have a lot of things to get accomplished.  I can always apply again next year.  I may have the fabrics used up by then.
A lady on one of my on line groups asked about uses for left over batting.  I suggested making mats for animal shelters but, as I was putting away some of my decorations, I was reminded of something else.  I have a number of fragile ornaments and particularly my nativity figures.  I have made small bags from batting to hold each item.  I then put all the pieces from each nativity together in a larger bag and store it with the manger if it has one.
You could also cut the batting into squares and place between your good china plates and bowls so they don't get marked by the dish above it.
Do you have other uses?


  1. Great idea to make the small bags for the pieces, then one big bag to hold the full set together. Sometimes the obvious is just too obvious for the rest of us to "see". Today is my Christmas pack-away-day. I'm not sure if I wish that I had seen this idea, before or after? I'm about 1/2 done, so will put this idea on hold til next year!

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  4. My apologies for the removed comments above! The links didn't work and I was trying to correct them. Here is what I was trying to contribute:

    You can sew leftover pieces of batting together to make whatever sizes you need. It works well. In fact, my free tutorial appears on the pages of the Quilt Pattern Magazine's website. Here is the link which you will have to copy and paste. - - For other free tutorials from TQPM, copy and paste this link. -

  5. I piece my extra batting together with a large zigzag stitch and make new batting for quilts. I like dense quilting and have never been able to tell the difference between a solid piece of batting and pieced batting in a quilt. It also works quilt well instead of a Swiffer know how well everything sticks to batting!!

  6. A friend from my quilt guild takes all batting scraps to the humane society and they are used to make bedding for the animals. Larger pieces I do save and reuse!

  7. It is amazing how much batting scraps can accumulate. Sorry you will not be an ambassador this year, you will be missed.