Monday, January 7, 2019

More Batting Hints

I've had a lot of comments in response to my post on uses of left over batting.  I will pass on the ideas from them after I share something else with you.  I recently signed up as a follower of a blog written by a woman I greatly admire.  She is a great designer and her blog is full of useful information, and free patterns.  One of her freebies is a downloadable weekly planner.  I am using mine to make a note of my quilting and writing projects for the week. Give her a look at:
Connie also a fellow Island Batik Ambassador and she will be sharing her blog hop post the day as mine.  If you haven't done so before, take a look on Wed. to see what she makes from her fabrics. 

Additional ideas for left over batting.  The first one is from Maria who shares a link for a free tutorial on joining batting pieces. - For other free tutorials from TQPM, (The Quilt Pattern Magazine) copy and paste this link. -

Farm Quilter also joins pieces and here is her method and comment as well as a suggestion for another use.

I piece my extra batting together with a large zigzag stitch and make new batting for quilts. I like dense quilting and have never been able to tell the difference between a solid piece of batting and pieced batting in a quilt. It also works quilt well instead of a Swiffer know how well everything sticks to batting!!

I am going to make a cover for my Swiffer style mop and see how it works. I like the idea of everything sticking to it as we get a lot of little bits of wood on the floor every time a new load is brought in for the stove. And, wouldn't it be a great solution for picking up pet hair.

You have 2 more day to sign up as follower of this blog and be eligible to enter my blog hop draw.

I finished organizing my quilt fabric and now have to decide what to do with the flannel.  I will fold and store somewhere but have decided where the where will be.

It is a blustery evening so a good place to be is near the wood stove.


  1. I'm like you and always like to use every last bit of my batting. I normally sew on a vintage 15-91 Singer but I have a newer machine that just gets used to zig-zag my battings together. I never thought of using batting on my Swifter....I'll have to try that! Thanks for the shout-out also!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog for sometime now. It would be nice to win your blog hop.

  3. I also love Connie's blog...but right now I want to trade places with your dog!!! Glad you liked my suggestions! One "Frankenstein" batting I put together for a quilt had Quilter's Dream Green, Hobbs wool and Warm and Natural cotton. After quilting, no one could tell I had mixed battings in the quilt...nothing like mixing a poly, wool and cotton from 3 different manufacturers!!