Friday, January 11, 2019

Free Pattern.

My studio is organized and cleaned.  There is still some fabric to be rolled onto cardboard but everything else is finished.  I am even getting a quilt loaded onto my frame.  I am looking forward to seeing how the new rods work on the carriage.  The test drive was really smooth so hoping I can start doing some more intricate free motion.
Now for some news:  Starting next week, I am going to be giving you the steps needed to make the quilt I did for my Blog Hop post.  I will give you the fabric amounts needed at the beginning of the week and then will add cutting instructions etc.  I hope you will enjoy the pattern.  It isn't difficult but fabric choice will determine how it looks when it is finished.  I suggest that, over the weekend, you start pulling out some half metre/yard pieces of fabric that blend well together with  only one or two that provide contras.  Here is a repeat of the close up  I posted on Wednesday to give you some ideas. Take another look at the whole quilt to see how the various colours work with each other.

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