Friday, January 30, 2015

Goat Coat

I realized this morning, as I watched the sunrise paint a vivid pink background to the trees,  that I had taken very few photos this winter. Usually, my camera is put to good use as I capture the bright sunshine glinting off the snow, feeding deer, various birds and other sights that I find attractive.  This winter seems to have been dreary with few really nice sunny and cold days.  We have only seen a couple of deer and they are on a neighbour's property.  The birds are the only creatures that seem to enjoy our hospitality.  Squirrels, of course, are always active and willing to take advantage of any morsel whether or not it was intended for them.
I have had an unusual quilt request.  My neighbour raises a small breed of milk goats.  They will be giving birth sometime in March and, as it will still be cold then, I have been asked to make some blankets for them.  I did an internet search to get an idea of what they should look like and found that this is a common practice.  Who knew?  Apparently, they don't have much in the way of hair at first and their little bodies can get quite cold without additional protection.  One site suggested that a man's large wool workshop could be used if the foot part was removed and a couple of holes were cut for the front feet.  It will be an interesting job.

This photo of a handsome buck was taken last winter.

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  1. Hope you take pictures of them when they're completed, it will definitely be a conversation topic.