Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Side of the Family

I am finally getting some time to  sew.  I am working on a quilt for my hubby and it is a simple project that consists mainly of just adding strips and panels.  I have a bit more to do but then will have to stop until I get the fabric needed for the final border.
I took our Heidi for her vet appointment and it was not a fun drive.  The highway hadn't been plowed for northbound traffic so everyone was travelling at least 20 kilometers under the limit.  There was, at the most, one tire lane clear all the way.  Because the snow was drifting, it was heavy in places which could easily pull a vehicle in a direction you didn't want it to go.  It was better coming back but it is frustrating that the company contracted to do removal, isn't.
I was going to stop for the mail on the way back but then thought I should get her home so I could give her some Benadryl.  She has a reaction from one of the needles and gets really lethargic.  As she is a high energy dog, it is quite noticeable.  I was advised to give her the pill an hour before her appointment next time so have noted that on my calendar.  Of course she is also getting some nice bacon treats to reward her for being such a brave dog.
I react the same way to mediation so she must take after me. (I also love bacon) LOL.

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