Thursday, January 8, 2015

Norman Rockwell.

I haven't accomplished much today.  Did some shopping and that was about it.  I bought some more fabric-surprise- and will wash it later.  One of the pieces is a panel of Norman Rockwell prints.  They are large enough to make pillows but I think I will cut them apart, put Missouri star blocks  around  as well as another border or two and make a lap quilt.  I have always liked his paintings so this will be a nice addition to the house.  Maybe I will put it on the rocker where I do my hand quilting.

I bought some bird seed/suet bells which I am going to hang once I have finished this.  With all the cold we have been getting, the little feathered creatures need all the help they can get.  I am just trying to think where I can put it that won't tempt the deer.
I have all the blocks made for my tumbler quilt so I will start adding the sashing to it.  I also need to do some more rows on the quilt that is on the frame.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Never a shortage of things to do. Hubby is feeling quite a bit better today so he is able to do his usual chores which include making supper a couple of times a week.
Have you ever browsed through all the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorials?  I was looking for something and was surprised at how many she has done.  In addition to the quilt patterns, she also has such things as cleaning your sewing machine and explaining quilting terms.  One talented lady.

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