Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I have another quilt, quilted.  Just finished the last row on one this afternoon and now am cutting the fabric for the binding.  I am not getting much done the past couple of days as I either have a bad case of allergies or a cold.  I am inclined to think it is the former as I don't feel ill and still have an appetite.  However, I have blown my nose so many times that it is beginning to feel as though it was scraped across asphalt.  Hubby is ill again as well.  I think I got whatever he has.  I fought off his first bought but let my guard down when he came home on Friday with the sniffles.
I am feeling really housebound and bored so hope I am over this soon.  I have not gone anywhere as I don't want to spread it around if it is catching.
I am going to go for a walk tomorrow even if it is just around the outside of the house.

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  1. I'm starting to get a little cabin fever too. Have a had a tummy bug. Just can't get in the mood to do any quilting this week despite finishing TWO last week for an animal rescue fund raiser.It's just so easy to sit and knit and not think feeling like this.