Friday, January 23, 2015

Have You Hugged Your Quilt today?

I got the items made to be taken tomorrow to the store  that sells them.  It was a bit of a marathon and my neck is quite sore but, they are done.  Now I can back at the quilt I am doing for my husband.  It is nice to be making one for someone.  So often, I find I am making quilts without any purpose other than to make one.  I enjoy the process, of course.  It is fun to see how the colours will work in the pattern, what it looks like when it all comes together but if it then spends its life stored in a cupboard, it does seem a bit pointless. 
It might be okay to climb a mountain because it is there but I like to know that my quilts are going to have a home.  I have recently given away a couple and, although the recipient was grateful, in reality, they were doing me a favour by giving my creation a purpose.
May all your quilts be loved.

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