Friday, January 9, 2015

The Wrong Fabric

Definitely not spring yet but the sun is bright and quite warm.  My quilt room windows are placed so they catch the winter sun but less of the summer.  On a day like this, the room gets quite warm but when there isn't any sun, I have to put on my little electric fireplace.
I have just been out for our walk and it was nice.  I had to break a trail for Heidi as her short little legs have a hard time plowing through the snow.  She normally hates to follow as she seems to have got the notion that she is the pack leader.  However, she has gradually got the idea that when I hold the leash behind me and tell her to 'stay back' it is for her own good.
I am a bit irritated with some fabric.  I had great hopes of finishing a top today.  All the fabric was chosen, blocks made and sewn together and the first border put on.  I got out the fabric for the last, and widest, border and realized it felt too heavy.  I remember buying this as a backing fabric from an on line quilt store so it is supposed to be good fabric.  I am going to have to find-or buy, something else.  This will go into the drawer that holds my dressmaking fabric.  It will be suitable for a light jacket.
Very frustrating.  I think I have enough fabric left over from the blocks to do a border but will have to take off the other border as it won't work.  Ah, well, it may end up looking better than my first idea.

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